The Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools is committed to raising private funds to enhance educational opportunities for present and future students in Madison’s public schools. Over the years, the Foundation has awarded hundreds of grants for creative and innovative projects which could not be funded through the core school budget. The Foundation is dedicated to developing supportive relationships between the community and schools that enrich the education of children.

Established in 2001 by a group of community leaders and former educators, the Foundation believes that every child deserves the best education. Since its founding, the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools has awarded $1.28 million in grants to local schools and created endowment funds for each of the fifty schools in the district. Community partnership programs implemented by the Foundation include Adopt-a-School and A Principal Experience (formally known as Principal for a Day), which both help strengthen the relationship between the schools and the Madison community.

Learn more about the Madison Metropolitan School District and read their Annual Report on the Strategic Framework.

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Supported by the Foundation, Madison will have excellent, well-funded public schools in which learning is celebrated and all students graduate ready for college, career, and community involvement.


The Foundation is committed to supporting the education of every child by raising private funds, awarding grants, developing community partnerships, and advocating for Madison’s public schools.

 Values and Beliefs

We Believe –

  • Every child deserves a high quality and equitable education.
  • The future depends upon today’s investment in the educational experience of tomorrow’s leaders.
  • High quality public education is fundamental to a vibrant community and a strong local economy.
  • Access to public education is essential for a thriving democracy.
  •  The Foundation plays a vital role in connecting public schools and community resources.

We Will –

  • Fund promising, innovative educational programs and activities outside the core school budget.
  • Build and sustain partnerships that mobilize business and community resources.
  • Invest community resources to expand opportunities for all Madison public school students.
  • Promote the value of Madison public schools throughout the community.
  • Manage the Foundation with integrity and transparency.