Community Schools: Leopold Elementary School

Adopt-a-School: Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cherokee Middle School

Foundation for the Future grant: Trail to Success at Chavez Elementary

Adopt-a-School: Hilton Madison Monona Terrace and Wright Middle School

Sherman Middle School Endowment: SOARS Conference

Foundation for the Future Grant: Achievement Connections at Memorial High

We Can Do It

More for the Middle

Foundation for the Future grant: Chrome Literacy at Sherman Middle School

Robotics Club for Girls at Cherokee Middle School

Adopt-a-School: Great Lakes and Black Hawk Middle School & Gompers Elementary School

Oscar Mayer & East High Adopt-a-School Partnership

The Breakfast Program

The Future of Madison

History of the Foundation

Youth Frontiers at Spring Harbor Middle School

Attendance Matters at Leopold Elementary School

Adopt-a-School: Sennett Middle School and DuPont

A Principal Experience