WPS Health Insurance Funds Indoor Climbing Wall at Allis Elementary

At Allis Elementary School, physical education is no monkey business. After learning about the benefits of an active lifestyle in the classroom, Allis students will soon be climbing, shimmying, and dangling off the walls on a new indoor rock wall thanks to their Adopt-a-School partnership with WPS Health Insurance. WPS has purchased and donated the climbing wall to introduce students to the fun and adventurous sport of rock climbing – with an aim to strengthen muscles as well as minds. Through FMPS’ Principal Experience, representatives from WPS were able to see the needs of Allis Elementary School and fulfill their ongoing goal of giving back to the community through this partnership with the school.

WPS provides more than just a climbing wall to the elementary school. Several WPS employees volunteer as academic mentors. Employees meet with students over lunch to help them with homework, listen to their concerns, and even join in the occasional kickball or basketball game. This special program provides the opportunity to change a young person’s life and allows children to see these mentors as role models.