Closing the Gompers Gap

Gompers 2013

A significant achievement gap emerging early on between white and non-white students at Gompers Elementary has prompted staff to make innovative changes in their classroom instruction. FMPS will fund a program for the 2013-14 school year, called Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Practices that Innovate Change. This project will send a group of Gompers educators to Los Angeles to learn strategies aimed at bringing students’ home cultures into the classroom. The experience will allow the teachers to improve their practice by learning from successful schools with high poverty and ethnically diverse student populations.

Gompers educators recognize a sense of urgency to narrow this troubling achievement gap, hoping to replicate specific strategies from three turnaround areas of LA that helped improve academic success among minority and economically disadvantaged students. The teachers who attend will share what they have learned with other Gompers staff members throughout the year, develop a plan for classroom implementation, and infuse these practices into their everyday curriculum.

FMPS and Gompers staff believe this project will help teachers in bridging home and school cultures for their students and lead to enhanced educational outcomes, fulfilling their duty to meet the needs of all students.