Every year the Foundation awards Foundation for the Future Grants to fund creative and innovative programs that are not otherwise supported through the core school budget.  From literacy projects, to sponsoring drumming programs, to funding programs that engage students in science, technology, engineering and math, the Foundation has provided funds to all of the fifty Madison public schools to help students and educators reach their individual and unique academic goals.

Foundation for the Future Grants are available to all district staff and are awarded to the most creative, innovative, and promising programs in hopes that they will remain sustainable for years to come.  Applications are available in November and are due by mid-January each year. Grant awards range from up to $25,000 and are awarded after a thoughtful, thorough evaluation by the FMPS Grants Committee consisting of educators, community members, and FMPS board members. The grant recipients are notified when FMPS board members, volunteers, and staff unexpectedly arrive to present a giant check!

For more information about applying, visit our How to Apply Page.

FMPS grants allow educators to implement creative programs they feel are in their students’ best interest, giving them the tools they need for success. In order to continue funding these grants for students and educators, help from the community is needed. Please consider making a donation to support creative and innovative programs that enrich educational experiences for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.