Helping Students WIN at Mendota Elementary

Mendota 2013

At Mendota Elementary, FMPS funded a grant to support the individual needs of each student on a daily basis and prevent academic failure. The grant, called Providing Every Student WIN (What I Need) Time to Ensure Every Student Succeeds Every Day, re-allocated 30 minutes each day for individualized, culturally relevant learning for each student. During this time, students were given differentiated small group or individual instruction, tailored to best help them learn the core curriculum. Students excelling in the core curriculum were given enrichment activities, which allowed them to explore and increase their skills in learned subject areas. Tailored interventions during WIN time were given to students who might benefit from more specific lessons, allowing for helpful curriculum differentiation among students. Mendota staff believe that the addition of WIN helped increase the number of students achieving academic benchmarks, setting them up for future success.