Designated Endowments

Designated Endowments

Designated endowments provide an opportunity to support a specific program or initiative in perpetuity. Through these endowments, the Foundation funds scholarships, music initiatives, athletic programs, healthcare for students, field trips, and many other opportunities that enrich education. From science to social studies and music to track, these funds support programs both inside and outside the classrooms.

Many of our funds are named in honor or memory of a student, alumni, or life-changing educator. These funds are a great way to recognize someone or create your own personal legacy. By establishing an endowment, you help ensure the next generation of students has quality educational experiences. Named funds can be started through contributions of cash, stock, charitable remainder trusts, or bequests. Multi-year pledges, normally on a five-year timeline, are also welcome.

For more information about our specific interest funds or how to establish one, contact Donna Faulkner at or 608-232-7820.

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2016 Reading Recovery Scholarship Recipients

2016 Reading Recovery Scholarship Recipients 

Designated Endowments

Arthur C. and Charlene B. Nelson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund – supports an annual scholarship to a student who is currently a senior and graduating from East High School.  Preference will be given to a student who also attended Midvale Elementary School.

Barbara E. and Gerald Marwell Endowment: supports FMPS programs per donor request

Barbara Ritchie Flanagan Endowment: supports the West High School girls track team

Brendan M. Scanlon Memorial Visual Arts Award at East High Endowment: provides awards to East High School art students

Carrie Macklin Ritz and Peter Ritz Endowment: may support FMPS grants, enhance in-class teaching such as the development of curriculum, especially for innovative in-class projects, or reimburse teachers for personal expenditures made for classroom materials

Charnan Simon Author-to-School Endowment: supports visiting fiction and non-fiction author presentations at Thoreau Elementary, Cherokee Middle, and West High Schools

Connor J. Driscoll Memorial Scholarship Endowment: supports a La Follette High School student who is planning to major in arts at a University of Wisconsin System school with a preference to students who have demonstrated excellence in art metals or drama stage crew

Donald and Alice Benn Endowment: supports a student scholarship for East High School

Doug Ritchie Memorial Pre-Endowment Fund – once fully funded a focus will be determined

Dr. Russell Hess Memorial Endowment for School Nurse Emergency Medical Needs: a gift from Group Health Cooperative-South Central Wisconsin provides a pool of “last resort” funds for school nurses to secure emergency medical care for uninsured students

East High School Booster Club Endowment: established through a gift from the booster club to provide annual funding for athletics at East High School

Forever Literacy Thoreau Endowment: supports literacy programs at Thoreau Elementary School

Gary L. Nelson Scholarship Endowment: supports two scholarships to Memorial High School students, one for an English language learner and one for a learning disabled student

Gould-Dickinson Pottery Endowment: supports scholarships to East High School students for their academic and artistic accomplishments in pottery and who wish to continue their education in this field

Homeless Education Endowment: proceeds from a basketball tournament and private gifts set up this fund to enhance the educational experience for children who are temporarily without a home. Also known as the Transition Education Program (TEP).

Howard and Judith Landsman Endowment: supports MMSD students in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program to succeed in school and prepare for a successful adult life

Immigrant Families Endowment: established through a gift from the estate of Char Krumbiegel to address the basic needs of immigrant children and their families

James C. Wright Middle School Scholarship Endowment: provides a scholarship to a West High School student who is also a graduate of James C. Wright Middle School with preference to an African American student.

K-12 Science Innovation Pre-Endowment: once fully funded, will support professional development, technology and materials

Karen Meissen Scholarship Endowment: provides a scholarship for a La Follette High School student

Kathy Bartell Memorial Endowment for Music: supports the music programs at Memorial High School, Jefferson Middle School and Muir Elementary School on a rotating annual basis

Kathy Mosher Memorial Endowment: supports scholarships for East High School youth continuing their education in biology or chemistry

La Follette High School Booster Club Pre-Endowment: once fully funded, will provide annual support for athletics at La Follette High School

La Follette Marketing and Business Department Endowment: annual fundraising efforts sustain educational opportunities provided by the La Follette High School Business and Marketing Department

La Follette Printmaking Endowment: created through fundraising efforts by art teacher Brady Nichols to support students as they prepare for career opportunities in the printmaking field

Lamont Public School Scholarship Endowment: supports an academic scholarship annually to a graduating student of the Madison Metropolitan School District’s (MMSD) traditional public schools (not charter or other school choices).  The scholarship will be awarded to a student who has been a student in MMSD’s traditional public schools for at least 11 of their 13 academic years (grades K-12) and is graduating from a MMSD high school

Len Rush Principal Professional Development Endowment: supports new principals as they begin their careers, especially those who have come through programs like Madison’s “Grow Your Own,” Madison teachers who are working to obtain their principal license, and current principals who are committed to improving their leadership skills and who demonstrate need

Louis Swedarsky Scholarship Endowment: supports a scholarship for an East High School youth who excels in volunteerism, community service, and/or other social responsibilities and demonstrates interest in teaching or public/governmental service

Madison’s Future Teachers Scholarship Endowment supports diversification of MMSD’s teaching workforce, reflective of the student body, through scholarship grants for eligible staff and students

Mary J.  McClellan Elementary Music Endowment supports music classes (not including field trips) in Madison’s public elementary schools. Preference will be given to vocal music needs. The income is not to be used to pay salaries, benefits, or stipends for any MMSD staff, presenters, performers or volunteers.

Matt Vidulich Memorial Scholarship Endowment: supports scholarships for high achieving children from low income families served by Madison East High School

Memorial High – Bruce Dahmen Memorial Scholarship Endowment supports academic scholarships annually to graduating students of Memorial High School who embody Bruce’s characteristics: hard-working, responsible, compassionate, friendly, thoughtful, caring, welcoming, respected, fun and someone who brings out/sees the best in people

Milton McPike Memorial Scholarship Endowment established by East High alumni, this fund supports a scholarship for an East High School student

MMSD High School Girls and Boys Sports Equity Endowment: supports extracurricular athletics equally between girls and boys high school athletics within MMSD excluding salaries/benefits, awards,and banquet fees

MMSD Library Endowment: supports libraries throughout the school district

MMSD Social Work Emergency Endowment: provides an ongoing source of income for school social workers to provide emergency supplies and materials to students

MMSD Technology Initiatives Pre-Endowment: once fully funded, will support the purchase of equipment and provide professional development for staff in the area of technology

Mohs Music Endowment: supports MMSD music programs through FMPS grants

Music Endowment: supports creative and innovative grants to music staff for projects outside the core budget

Nicole Zanoni – Health Endowment: used primarily for children’s oral health care, and secondarily for children’s medical care

Professor Al Hovland Tennis Scholarship Endowment: provides two scholarships directed to one male and one female student at East High School who have been on the tennis team at East High School for at least three years

Reading Recovery Scholarship Endowment: created by two retired Reading Recovery leaders to provide scholarships to graduating seniors who successfully completed this program in first grade

Schiavoni-Sturm Scholarship Endowment: used for grants for the benefit of East High School students, primarily for Freshman through Junior, to be used for any educational purposes except sports and religion

School Forest Endowment: the estate of Lowell Nash helped to establish this fund to enhance programs and activities at the School Forest

Sennett Middle School Environmental Education Endowment: provides partial scholarships to Sennett Middle School students so they can attend the annual environmental education field trip to the Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center or a similar environmental education facility

Shelley Glover Athletics Endowment: this memorial fund provides resources for swimming lessons, lifeguard training and develops future high school swim team members at Madison’s Goodman Pool

Shirley Baum Student Achievement Endowment: supports grants for evidence-based practices that show promise to increase the number of students who receive credit towards graduation in the required subjects of English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science

Susan A. Hamblin Social Studies Field Trip Endowment: provides partial funding for field trip transportation, museum or historical site admission or guides in order to connect MMSD students with local community resources outside the classroom to enrich the students’ understanding of their social studies curriculum

West Business and Marketing Department Endowment: annual fundraising efforts sustain educational opportunities provided by the West High School Business and Marketing Department

West High Visual Arts Endowment: supports visual arts at West High School

Wozniak-Dickinson Visual Arts Endowment: created by art teachers on the occasion of Mariel Wozniak’s retirement and an estate gift to provide funds to enhance visual arts education in our high schools