MMSD Employee Giving

MMSD Employee Giving Campaign
Imagine What We Can Do Together!
February 1-28, 2017

Each year teachers, administrators, and staff generously give back to Madison’s public schools through the annual employee giving campaign. MMSD employees give to what they are passionate about – the students. Every donation supports a program or initiative in the school district, making a tremendous impact on the students both inside and outside the classroom. With more than 160 fund options including specific schools, music, arts, athletics, libraries, scholarships, science, math, health, basic needs, professional development, and much more there is something for everyone.

Thank you to our 2017 Building Captains, who volunteered to answer questions about the campaign and collect employee pledge forms at each of the schools and administration buildings.

Allis -Diana Ellerkamp
Badger Rock – Amanda Kuse
Blackhawk – Kelli Tuttle
Capital – Jocelyn Quintal-Lepinski & Larry Palm
Chavez – Andrea Reifsnider
Cherokee – Anne Schoenemann
Crestwood – Cindy Koratko
Doyle – Marla Peterson
East – Kate Brien
Elvehjem – Sarah Larson
Emerson – Cindy Krueger
Falk – Tracy Qualey
Franklin – Sylla Zarov
Glendale – Lori Anderson
Hamilton – Michelle Duffield & James Huschka
Hawthorne – Beth Lehman
Huegel – Kristie Schallert
Jefferson – Bridget Disch
Kennedy – Sarah Symes
LaFollette – Mary Schneider
Lakeview – Kristi Kloos
Lapham – Samantha Jochim
Leopold – Sarah Kluesner
Lincoln – Ellen Franzone
Lindbergh – Dawn Drexler-Hilber
Lowell – John Burkholder
Marquette – Maegan Heindel
Memorial – Jon Spencer & Katy Nickols
Mendota – Lisa Zimmerman
Midvale – Marcia Naab
MSCR – Nicole Graper
Muir – Pam Holmes
Nuestro Mundo – Laura Gibson
O’Keeffe – Brittany Renault
Olson – Abby Morrison
Orchard Ridge – Grace Courchane
Pflaum Road – Angela Fraser
Randall – Julie Dittmann
Sandburg – Joan Brennan
Sennett – Shawn Schroedl
Shabazz – Donna Chance
Shorewood – Anu Ebbe
Spring Harbor – Dave Ropa
Stephens – Allison Milley
Thoreau – Amy Raymond
Toki – Kris Bobb
Van Hise – Peg Keeler
Whitehorse – Julie Lockwood
Wright – Sandy Tiedt