School Endowments

FMPS maintains School Endowments for each of Madison’s fifty public schools. Annual income from the endowments is used to support creative and innovative grants which enable projects and programs not otherwise funded through the core school budget. School Endowment funds have been used for a wide range of programs and projects such as career exploration, educational field trips, innovative technology, and supplemental educational materials.  Each year, every school has the opportunity to use their endowment funds in new ways, providing students and educators with the tools necessary for success.

The Foundation’s School Endowment program is the only one of its kind in the country. The endowments were made possible thanks to the generosity of John Taylor, who through the Clay-Price Fund, offered challenge grants of $5,000 to each Madison public school. The individual schools raised $5,000 to earn the match and establish their $10,000 School Endowment Fund.

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Honor an Educator

Our schools are filled with great teachers and staff who inspire students to excel every day. The Foundation has a great way for families to support their student’s school and express appreciation. We invite families to make a gift to the school endowment to honor a teacher or staff member who has made a difference in a child’s life.

A donation to a school’s endowment is a lasting gift that will help support programs in a school which benefit students and staff. To express your appreciation, click here to make a gift via credit card (please note the educator’s name in the comments box) or click here for a gift form. The Foundation will send a personalized letter to the person, noting that a gift has been made in their honor with the amount of the donation omitted.

Each school endowment gift creates a lasting legacy that supports today’s students and staff, as well as those who will walk our schools’ halls in the future.

To see a complete list of current School Endowment Fund grants, click here.

To view the quarterly market value of each school’s endowment, click here.

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