Current School Endowment Grants

Allis Elementary School, $1,357

Funds will be used to support the Frank Allis Sports Club which will serve approximately 55-70 students.  The club meets each day Monday-Friday during 2nd and 5th grade recess, approximately 100 times during the 2016-2017 school year.

Students will get extra exercise during the week in a highly structured and supportive setting. Students will learn the fundamentals of different sports and play cooperative games in a non-threatening and non-competitive environment.  The mission of the club is to increase parent involvement and attendance at school events.  We will host a number of the games at Frank Allis and invite parents to attend.

Badger Rock Middle School, $694

This project aims to connect our students’ desire and need for more art experiences to our new gardening class. We want to increase student voice and ownership in our garden spaces and plan to partner with local artists, teaching staff and community organizations to create art sculptures, signs and other visuals.

Black Hawk Middle School, $1,115

The Black Hawk CARES Curriculum and its arts-integrated projects facilitate community relationship building through social emotional learning. All students will participate in a homeroom curriculum which utilizes their and their family’s own experiences to inform and improve their social skills both in and out of school.  Student experiences will culminate in a grade-level arts project (visual arts, spoken word, and videography) which will be celebrated and shared in the community by the end of the year. In addition, Black Hawk will coordinate a community totem pole project with the north Madison elementary schools and community center partners as a visual representation of the community’s interconnectedness.

Capital High School, $1,347

Capital High and Lapham Elementary kicked off the 2016-17 school year with the theme of Two Schools, One Community.
To support one another in our work with students both old and young, Capital High staff and Lapham staff are participating in Breathe for Change, an after-school wellness program designed to promote relaxation and reflection.  Funds will be used in support of this program.

Chávez Elementary School, $1,129

Our REACH teachers have a goal of helping students develop and acquire hands-on technology to allow for exploration and collaboration. Funds will be used to purchase a program called Osmo. Osmo’s game systems foster social intelligence and creative thinking by opening up the iPad to endless possibilities for hands on/physical tasks. The iPad Air 2 will allow students to use Osmo. In addition, students will use iPads for digital imaging, animation projects, coding programs, and activities involving “Dot & Dash” and robotics involving Legos and Ozobots.

Additionally, a large portion of our School Improvement Plan this year involves being early adopters of the new math curriculum, Bridges. This program is aligned with the Common Core Standards and has an exceptional technology and hands on component. Teachers will be able to model solving problems in mathematics using manipulatives or videos in new and innovative ways.  Additionally, we need to upkeep the presentation stations we have by purchasing additional computer speaker sets so every presentation station is fully equipped to do the above teaching.

Funds will be used to purchase two iPad airs, with Amazon Prime membership for subscription to programs, two projectors, and four sets of computer speakers.

Cherokee Middle School, $750

Funds will be used to create a “calming room” for Cherokee staff to take a short break when needed to meditate, or practice mindfulness or yoga. A large number of Cherokee students have experienced trauma, either directly or indirectly. Compassion fatigue and burnout are common among educators. Secondary trauma can have an effect on physical, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, interpersonal or spiritual lives.  By helping staff take care of themselves, staff can have a more positive impact on students. Funds will be used to purchase yoga mats, bolsters and blankets.

Cherokee Middle School, $2,821

Funds will be used to purchase moveable makerspace kits. Makerspaces provide students with hands-on ways to design, experiment, build and invent. Moveable makerspace kits can be used in both the science classrooms and the learning materials center so that all students have access to STEM materials. Students will be able to learn computer coding and programming, how to build basic computers, take virtual field trips, construct electrical circuits and create animated videos.

Cherokee Middle School, $600

Funds will be used to purchase audio versions of the 6th grade English-language classroom Reading novels. Students are not always able to read novels independently due to lower lexile levels or other reasons. Having audio versions of these novels will help students working in literature circles or book clubs be confident and engage in deep and meaningful conversations about literature.  This will also provide a more equitable learning experience for all students, and ensure reading material is not limited for some students.

Crestwood Elementary School, $2,098

Funds will be used to establish a sensory lending library and staff professional development around regulation strategies for all students.

East High School, $7,256

Check & Connect is an intervention used with K-12 students who show warning signs of disengagement with school and who are at risk of dropping out. At the core of Check & Connect is a trusting relationship between the student and a caring, trained mentor who both advocates for and challenges the student to keep education salient. Students are referred to Check & Connect when they show warning signs of disengaging from school, such as poor attendance, behavioral issues, and/or low grades.

In Check & Connect, the “Check” component refers to the process where mentors systematically monitor student performance variables (e.g., absences, tardies, behavioral referrals, grades), while the “Connect” component refers to mentors providing personalized, timely interventions to help students solve problems, build skills, and enhance competence. Mentors work with caseloads of students and families for at least one year, ideally two, functioning as liaisons between home and school and striving to build constructive family-school relationships.

Of the dropout prevention interventions reviewed by the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse, Check & Connect is the only program found to have strong evidence of positive effects on staying in school.

Funds would cover Check and Connect – Extended Employment for staff to meet hourly on a weekly basis to discuss the student SMART goals in order to problem solve and adjust focus.

Currently we are using Data Dashboard to identify 10th grade tertiary students in which this intervention will be aimed to support.

This plan was vetted through: Student Advisory, SBLT, ILT, Whole School Back to School Professional Development as well as multiple parent groups that Principal Hernandez met with over the summer.

Elvehjem Elementary School, $896

Funds will be used toward the development of the Outdoor Learning Space that inspires students to care and learn about the natural world and their impact on it.

Our hope is to have neighborhoods/streets in the nearby area adopt the garden over the summer. We really want this to be a shared space between school and community given our focus on building community relationships in our SIP. Last year, our 4 beds were also used regularly by summer school.

Our Innovations in Learning sub group is working on how to integrate the garden and outdoor learning space into instruction, finding connections in social studies and science in addition to connections to social and emotional learning. Our IRT will be planning with grade levels around shared reading texts (that can be used in quarter 3) and project based learning opportunities that connect the garden to authentic learning in the class. We also have a student Garden Committee that is led by the AL IRT, Mary Fruchter. In this student led group, students are able to choose different projects that they care about, related to the garden, to work on. These ideas arose from a brainstorm session with the students, and so this is truly a student-led project. The different student groups will be working on improving recycling in the school, introducing composting to LVM, building birdhouses and bird-friendly habitats and making recycled art.

Emerson Elementary School, $1,344

Our school improvement plan includes a focus on deepening our school-wide behavior education and social-emotional learning practices.  This project will (a) help all students strengthen social emotional learning skills and (b) provide regulation tools for students with more intensive needs.  Funds will be used to purchase a variety of self-regulation tools.

Falk Elementary School, $1,500

Funds will be used for the purchase of stability balls, bouncy bands, and headphones to support student sensory and movement needs throughout the day, increasing engagement in instruction and positive student behaviors.  This grant was written by Falk’s Occupational Therapist to support all grade levels, and cites research that shows that controlled movement in the form of sitting on a stability ball and/or bouncing feet on or against large bands around chair legs has been beneficial to students in increasing their level of attention and focus and in turn increasing their independent work skills and academic performance.

Falk Elementary School, $300

This grant builds off a previously awarded grant to build outdoor benches in Falk’s school/community garden.  The grant will allow for the purchase of supplies to paint and protect the garden benches for long-term sustainability and use.  A contest will be held to create designs for the benches, with advanced art students and community volunteers working collaboratively to paint the benches.

Franklin Elementary School, $1,359

We are holding an all-school election to vote on a new falcon mascot. It was brought to our attention that our current falcon and the one on our shirts was ‘borrowed’ from Falk several administrations ago. As a Positive Behavior Team, we thought it would create a sense of community and also help students learn about the election process, to allow our students to vote on a new falcon mascot. We commissioned 3 artists from the Franklin community to come up with a design. Students will vote on their first choice during the November election staffed by our M3 Adopt-a-School partners.  After the election, we will create a t-shirt with our new falcon that promotes following our Franklin 5 (tied to Positive Behavior Supports). We will give these out at a school-wide celebration when one authentically occurs (most likely in January or February). Students earn school wide celebrations for filling up our Falcon grid by earning falcon tickets for following the Franklin Five:  Be Kind, Be Safe, Use Your Words, Show Respect.

Glendale Elementary School, $1,441

Funds will be used to purchase 12 wobble seats, 20 copies of “The Mindful Education Workbook: Lessons for Teaching Mindfulness to Students” by Daniel Rechtschaffen for a Spring book study for staff and chewlry (chewable jewelry) for students who have sensory needs.  All purchases would be a continuation and an extension of our mindfulness and sensory work that we’ve done for the last 5 years at Glendale.  We have spent the last 4 years working on how to incorporate mindfulness into the lives of our staff and now feel that we are ready to take this work into our classrooms with our students. The wobble seats, chewlry and mindfulness practices will not only help students stay regulated, but ultimately increase student achievement.

Gompers Elementary School, $1,132

Sensory items are crucial to support students to regulate their emotions and be available to learn.  At Gompers, we set high expectations for all of our students and support them to reach their goals.  We are going to implement a project to have sensory materials available in all of our classrooms to support our students being regulated and available for learning.

Hamilton Middle School, $1,647

Funds will be used to purchase equipment for an in-house broadcast studio.  This equipment will be used by students to create weekly videos aligned with our PBIS weekly behavior targets which fall under our 3 REs:  Respect Everyone, Respect Education, Respect the Environment.  Both the computer teacher and PBIS coach will have student teams working together to create videos featuring students explaining and modeling the positive behavior target for the week that will be part of a weekly, school-wide broadcast.  The purpose of the videos is to increase engagement and academic achievement, decrease behavior concerns, improve safety, and further a positive school climate.

Hamilton Middle School, $612

Funds will be used to purchase specific chapter books highlighting students’ backgrounds and cultures that are representative of students in the homeroom.  The funds will also be used to purchase a large world map, string and pins.  These materials will allow students to identify where their family originates from and where they are now, in Madison, representing the community that they are all a part of now.  This project is innovative in that it is finding a way for students to dialogue and honor their individual backgrounds and yet finding commonalities with their community today.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $650

This funding would be to provide a dance experience for grades 2 and 3 by an Artist in Residency in Dance. Hawthorne seeks to provide grade 2 and 3 with a dance experience over a period of six weeks. The participating students will learn to express themselves through movement and dance. The dance experience will likely be linked to science or social studies themes (life cycles, seasons, solar system, communities…) They will perform their dance creations for the school and parents during an assembly. The dance group providing instruction will also provide a whole school performance assembly in the spring.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $380

The music department at Hawthorne has requested an Alto Meltallohpone so additional children have access to this instrument. Hawthorne Elementary has an incredible music program in which children have access to multi-cultural music and experiences. Hawthorne has an incredible music teacher who is culturally responsive and creates excitement in children for music regardless of musical ability.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $500

The Hawthorne Girls’ Running Club has been offered to all 4th and 5th grade girls at Hawthorne Elementary for the past five years. Over these five years, the coaches have worked to expand the program and make the program more accessible to all students. Through this we have provided the girls with quality running shoes, volunteering opportunities, and the chance to participate in a 5K race that benefits women in our community. Along with these opportunities, the coaches provide quality lessons that aid the students in understanding bullying/bullying prevention, understanding the value in community and forming relationships, understanding ourselves, and how we connect with and can shape the world around us. Our goal for the Hawthorne Girls’ Running club is to empower young women so that they are more equipped to make healthy life choices in middle school, high school, and post graduate life.

The Hawthorne Girls’ Running Club aligns with Hawthorne’s School Improvement Plan by allowing students to continue to participate in the unified arts in addition to working with this group of students to identify underlying attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs about bullying so that as a staff we can continue to identify action steps to address student school climate safety data.

To continue to keep the Hawthorne Girls’ Running Club assessable to all students, we ask families who are able to pay a one-time fee of $35.00 that covers: Hawthorne Girls’ Running Club t-shirt; quality running shoes; and race fee and registration coverage for the Susan G. Komen 5K. However, many families are unable to pay this fee. This grant will ensure that all students who wish to participate can regardless of financial ability.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $519

Hawthorne teachers schedule several field trips throughout the year for students that support their curriculum. Even though the field trip fees have been kept as low as possible (always under $12 per child), Hawthorne families have not been able to afford the cost. In order to continue integrating class field trips into the curriculum, foundation funds are needed to pay for field trip transportation. This will go towards meeting the school’s SIP goals for Well Rounded Access and Participation.

Huegel Elementary School, $1,000

Funds will be used to support our universal “Positive Behavior Expectations” restorative student management initiative. The money will enable us to hold an all-school celebration on December 21, 2016 at Rock n Jump. This event recognizes our students who have collectively acquired 10,000 positive recognition tickets, and earned the right to attend this gathering of our Huegel School Community.

Huegel Elementary School, $347

Funds will be used to help secure the substitute teachers to enable grade level teams to participate in a “half-day away”. This time will be used to analyze student data in order to develop appropriate interventions for all students dependent upon where they are falling on the learning curve for their grade level.

Jefferson Middle School, $1,010

The guidance counselor, working in concert with the YWCA Madison, will create a safe space to engage students in social activism in the school and the community through a social just after school program. Under staff supervision, students will engage in discourse regarding social justice issues, develop and lead a social action project and disseminate information about their project to the school and the community. This project is a part of a restorative justice movement at Jefferson that aims to promote youth agency and activism as well as address disparities particularly between Black/Latinx and White students.

Jefferson Middle School, $544

This project aims to meet the needs of diverse learners with interesting and culturally appropriate materials through the Read 180 Library. The program serves students in reading intervention working toward improving reading skills. The grant will provide additional titles for students in the intervention classrooms. The project will serve many students with IEPs as well as English Language Learners. Read 180 also works with Schools of Hope tutors as well as UW students and volunteers who will be involved in using the new materials with students.

Kennedy Elementary School, $1,039

Funds will be used for the purchase of Califone Listening Headphones, enabling us to support our SIP goals specific to reading, writing, and mathematics.

As a school, we have invested school budget funds to purchase a number of technology devices (iPads and Chromebooks) in order to utilize a number of web-based resources to enhance student engagement and learning. These resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Lexia (reading based)
  • Reflex (math based)
  • Tumblebooks (reading based)
  • Starfall (reading based)
  • Google based tools
  • Flocabulary
  • Pebble Go

We have several devices being utilized by students in classrooms simultaneously, so we need headphones to allow for more individualized learning, without disruption to each other.

La Follette High School, $3,245

The primary strategy for our Family Engagement Focus Area in our SIP is The visual environment of school is welcoming and all students and families see themselves in visual displays of meaningful work & accomplishments. It is important to us that our students, staff members, families, and community members all feel a strong sense of belonging and identity at LHS. We believe this supports students to perform better in school, and supports families and community members to engage with us as partners in student learning.

Funds will be used to purchase “Lancer Pride” signs that we will give away to all families, school staff, and community members in the La Follette attendance area. These signs read “Lancer Pride – Madison La Follette High School – Partners in Learning – Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools” on both sides. We included the name of FMPS so that we build name recognition as we build on our partnership with the Foundation. It is our goal that in the future, our families are increasingly more aware of how the FMPS supports LHS, and how we can support LHS through the FMPS.

As part of this plan, all families will automatically be a part of the Lancer Booster Club, and get a sign to display in the community. We will create special ways to notice families who display the signs, and draw attention to them throughout the year, in connection with different events. We hope to see the signs displayed all over our community, reminding our community members of our strong support for our school, and encouraging them to connect (or re-connect) with La Follette.

Lake View Elementary School, $1,062

Students who have a hard time sitting still, focusing and being fully engaged would benefit from something as simple as increased movement throughout their school day.  Funds will be used to purchase tools that will provide opportunities for increased movement for our students so they can achieve their academic goals.  Research has shown that kids benefit from movement during cognitively challenging tasks such as math, reading and writing.  Movement helps them to process better and to commit information to memory.  While sitting on tools such as those in this project, students receive sensory input that releases neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters promote optimal arousal level, a calming influence, increased core strength (which impacts posture and endurance), as well as increased focus and engagement.

We would like to request 6 feetballs, 6 peanut balls and 6 NeoRok Stools.  This would provide us with options at each grade level for teachers to use in their classrooms.  If teachers find an option that works especially well for them, they will be able to access resources such as Donor’s Choose or other funding sources to obtain a specific set of tools for the individual students in their classroom.

Lapham Elementary School, $1,373

Funds will be used to continue our partnership with Breathe for Change. Breathe for Change’s mission is “Changing the World, One Teacher at a Time” and Lapham has embraced the focus of “Changing the World, One Student at a

Time.” This partnership is an important one as it supports both teachers’ and students’ physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is also directly tied to our School

Improvement Plan strategies #4 (personal emotion and respect for others) & #6 (strengthening our school community).

Leopold Elementary School, $300

2nd grade English Language Instruction classrooms will diversify their classroom libraries to better reflect their student populations.  With additional funding from our partners at the Department of Revenue, each of the three classrooms will have $150 to spend on books featuring students of color.

Leopold Elementary School, $500

All of 1st grade will be participating in Project Gratitude 2, where they will learn about the concept of gratitude and give back to the community.  There will be morning meeting discussions, art projects with positive images, and the making of fleece blankets.  The grade has the goal of making 125 blankets to gift (along with art) to local seniors at a residential health care center.  The money will pay for fleece and the project will gain additional funds through popcorn sales to pay for transportation to the center.

Leopold Elementary School, $340

The student services team is launching some addition supports throughout the school to support students and families who are part of the LGBTQ community.  The grant will purchase All Gender bathroom signs for two single stall bathrooms, 50 Welcoming Schools classroom posters showing respect to individuality and additional books for teachers to check out from the school library when working with their students around topics related to supporting/respecting all students’ differences and individuality.

Leopold Elementary School, $331

The student services team offers Check In Check Out to students who need additional support around making positive behavior choices.  The grant will help fund incentives, food and reward items for students who reach their program goals.  These items will also support student graduation when moving out of the program.

Leopold Elementary School, $300

Funds will support the 4th grade career opportunities project which will bus students to various businesses to learn more about future career options.

Lincoln Elementary School, $1,270

Funds will be used for our after school dance program that aligns to our SIP goal focused on supporting the “whole child” and well-roundedness.  Most of our programs like this take place during the school day but due to the dance teacher’s schedule, we need to offer this program after school.  Nearly every month, we ask a different dance instructor to teach a 45 minute dance class for four sessions to a group of about 30 students.  We will offer two hip hop classes and a West African, and a Mexican Folkloric.  In addition, we are working on getting instructors for breakdancing, step, and Bollywood.

Lindbergh Elementary School, $750

Fourth grade teacher Ben Langer would like to create a classroom library for the entire fourth grade that has high interest texts to hook students on reading.  He will provide the opportunity for students to select texts that are more engaging.  Part of this grant is to provide a check out system so that students are taking these high interest books home, as an innovative way to engage families by putting better books in the hands of families and making it more likely they will enjoy reading together.

Lindbergh Elementary School, $353

Our social worker is becoming a certified yoga instructor.  She would like to share the practice with the building to encourage self-care, regulation strategies and emotional and physical wellbeing.  Having a school set of mats and blocks will help introduce yoga to beginners and ensure that supplies are not a barrier to practicing.  This project aligns with our SIP goal and district focus on “welcoming all families in the school.” She will work toward providing classes for our community, but start with providing classes for students and staff.

Lowell Elementary School, $1,269

Lowell became a Welcoming Schools partner this year and Welcoming Schools will guide much of our family engagement work as well as our Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) work with students.

Over the last several years we have collected many beautiful pictures of our families, students and community, but currently we do not have a way to display these very engaging photographs.  We would like to use our grant money to purchase a television that we will mount near our front office and cafeteria so that we can upload these pictures for display to students and visitors.  This will allow us to display the diversity of our students, their families and cultures.   In addition, this will be another tool for sharing information with parents and students about school events and activities and resources available to our families.

Marquette Elementary School, $500

Funds will be used to purchase iPod Touches and Google Cardboard devices, enabling students to take virtual tours of many destinations around the world through the virtual reality app, Google Expeditions.  Teachers would have access to the sets from the library for classroom use.

Marquette Elementary School, $773

This grant will ensure that we are including culturally and linguistically responsive materials in our instruction. Recent literacy materials provided by the district have been lacking in cultural responsiveness, increasing the need for us to add more culturally and linguistically responsive options in our book room for guided group instruction. Over the summer, our bookroom was reorganized by text level, clarifying the lack of material and which text levels need support in this area.

Marquette Elementary School, $100

This grant will purchase 3 Discman players for struggling readers to listen to audio books.

Memorial High School, $1,000

The JMM Black Student Union will head south during Spring Break to visit a collection of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Along the way they will visit a variety of historic sites. These trips inspire our students, and help them plan for life after graduation.

Memorial High School, $840

Funds will be used to support the JMM AP Potential Group. This group continues its work to increase enrollment and to provide supports for students of underrepresented groups to take on more challenging honors and Advanced Placement coursework, through a series of lunch meetings, often including local community leaders as guest speakers.

Memorial High School, $500

Funds will provide a one-day leadership retreat for a group of Freshmen leaders, to help them develop their leadership skills and sense of community to help lead the Class of 2020 over the next three and a half years.

Memorial High School, $700

Funds will be used in support of Experiential Learning Job Shadow Field Trips.  This project will allow increasing numbers of students to participate in job shadows, to learn more about potential careers of interest in a deep and authentic way.  This is in connection with our increased focus on developing Academic and Career Plans and on Personalized Pathways.

Memorial High School, $1,000

Funds will be used to support the Spartans Committed group which will again be hosting a safe experience for all students following Prom this spring, as they will again be renting out Vitense Golfland as a fun and supervised place for students to wrap up their Prom experience.

Memorial High School, $276

These funds will be used to purchase a set of books to be used by a staff book group, focused on topics aligned with our School Improvement Plan.  The staff will be asked to implement these new strategies in their daily practice.

Mendota Elementary School, $2,595

Funds will be used to help meet the needs of less mobile children by researching and purchasing playground equipment that are consistent with ADA Title II mandates.

Midvale Elementary School, $500

Midvale has a new outdoor learning space for students and staff.  The outdoor learning space was heavily promoted and made possible by the Midvale Action Team – Earth Partnership. The Earth Partnership team has been partnering with Friends of Lake Wingra, as well as staff and parent groups to bring diverse eco-systems to our school, and give kids hands-on experiences while learning about the environment.  This Earth Partnership work is part of our School Improvement Plan.  Funds will be used to purchase an enclosed whiteboard along with the lumber used to install the enclosed board.

Lowell Elementary School, $770

As part of the School Improvement Plan, Midvale has chosen to focus on staff wellness. Midvale has adopted Breathe for Change, which guides staff through wellness practices, and Kindergarten students work on self-regulation. To support this work, Midvale is applying for a water bottle filling station in support of our saying that healthy minds = healthy bodies. This station will promote staff water consumption along with student consumption.

Muir Elementary School, $600

With Muir’s SIP emphasis on Service Learning, this grant will support 4th grade students in building Little Libraries to put in the Muir Community.  Identified places include:  Wexford Neighborhood, Lussier Community Center and Muir’s Playground.  Fourth grade students would not only build the libraries, but also host book drives and maintain them.  The project incorporates academic skills in mathematics and literacy and provides opportunities for developing leadership skills and community.

Muir Elementary School, $500

Each year the physical education department looks to host an Artist In Residency to teach dance.  This year, Kevin Andrews will only come to a couple of schools in the Madison area.  He choreographs specific dances for each grade level, works with all classes, and ends the week with an all school/community performance.

Muir Elementary School, $310

Last year Muir established a room devoted to student self-regulation.  This space is devoted to children with either sensory or behavioral challenges and is accessible to all RTI Level II and III children through the support of an adult.  Staff have gained training in the protocols of the MOVE, WORK, BREATH curriculum.  To add to the resources the grant would provide for a weighted vest, weighted blanket, visual timer, tent, Zones of Regulation book, and office supplies to create plan books for individual students.

Muir Elementary School, $202

Musikgarten is a curriculum for the piano/keyboard for students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  It incorporates much loved piano repertoire of familiar songs.  It also includes notation games, sight-reading pieces and opportunities for composing.

Muir Elememtary School, $216

Flexible seating increases focus and performance.  The request is for a standing table with exercise bands where students can move their legs while working, balance balls to use as chairs, and wobble stools to allow for movement and focus.  The last request is for inflatable cushions for students who work best on the floor.

Nuestro Mundo Community School, $260

Funds will be used for a project consisting of an inquiry exploration for the purpose of applying knowledge and skills related to balance and motion. Students will be guided by a classroom parent, Joel Anderson, who is a civil engineer. Joel will demonstrate how to use materials to build a fort or bridge.

The project would have the outcome of connecting science content to applications in real life, provide a hands-on, building background opportunity for language and literacy development and science communication standards.

Nuestro Mundo Community School, $688

Funds will be used to purchase board and card games as well as toys for open play.  These games/materials would be utilized by support staff or any other staff for group and 1:1 work with students.

Play is a great way to build friendships, solve problems and practice social emotional skills.  Many of the skills we work on every day are taking turns, cooperation, sharing, playing fair, starting and ending a conversation, giving and accepting compliments, listening, asking for help, following the rules of the game, practicing empathy, using kind words, appropriately expressing your feelings, negotiating, dealing with loosing, and being a good sport.

O’Keeffe Middle School, $2,117

Funds will be used to partner with Youth Frontiers in an effort to build a positive community of learners in our 7th grade.  Our vision is to support the students and empower them to act with moral courage to treat each other with respect in the hallway, on the bus and in every classroom.  This program offers students a safe and supportive opportunity to identify the social fears and peer pressure that gets in the way of making responsible choices.   Students learn to take positive risks that build a sense of belonging while developing a common language about what we want from our school community.

Olson Elementary School, $781

The Olson PBS Team have determined monthly themes in order to support MMSD’s Positive Behavior Support Initiative.  Along with monthly All-School Assemblies focused on the themes, the PBS team, which is comprised of a representative from each grade level, specials and administration, decided to use literature to further student’s understanding of the themes.

Funds will be used for the purchase of books that support the themes and will be used in each classroom Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Orchard Ridge Elementary School, $1,095

We are focused on intentionally teaching social emotional learning standards.   Social emotional learning helps students develop the understanding, strategies and skills to support a positive sense of self, promote positive respectful relationships and build student capacity to identify and manage their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.  Funds will be used to purchase texts for grade levels that have a social emotional learning theme so teachers are able to utilize story-telling within their classroom learning.   These skills are integral in ensuring our students are college, career and community ready.

Randall Elementary School, $1,359

Randall students are working with SAIL West High students and Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA) to create a mural on the Olive Jones retaining wall.  The DAMA artists visited each Randall classroom to brainstorm ideas with students.  The resulting design shows what kindness looks like in various parts of the Randall school community.  Each Randall student, as well as Regent neighbors and Franklin families, will help paint the mural.

Sandburg Elementary School, $1,002

Funds will be used toward the creation of a mobile Makerspace. Students will come together in small groups around common interests and engage in learning through exploration, discovery, creation and building.  Funds will be used to purchase a storage unit on wheels, technology tools, and consumable materials for student use. The creation of a mobile makerspace will provide students more access to personalized learning experiences grounded in Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Schenk Elementary School, $951

Funds will be used to provide Schenk Shining Shark t-shirts to all 240 of our Students of the Month in conjunction with our PBIS work this year.  Each t-shirt includes language reminding students to be Safe, Helpful, A learner, Respectful – Responsible, and Kind–spelling out SHARK.  These shirts help celebrate and reinforce the positive student efforts in developing school character traits.

Schenk Elementary School, $648

As part of our efforts to bring high quality, engaging dance curriculum and experiences to all of our students, we are contracting with a hip hop artist to instruct all of our students in hip hop dancing. The instruction will occur during our physical education program and will be supported and reinforced by our school staff.  At the end of the week a school-wide celebration tied in with our PBIS work will be held so all students may share their newly learned hip hop skills with the student body and staff.

Sennett Middle School, $1,152

Sennett staff started the school year discussing their why.  As part of the district’s vision of leading with the why we have done personal reflections and shared them with one another as well as our students in some cases. One thing we want to support is ensuring that each staff member has a visual that connects to their why within their work space. This may mean a college pennant, a book, a trinket, a part of their makerspace, outdoor seating, anything. This money will be used to support our purchasing items that connect to people’s why’s.

Sennett Middle School, $490

Sennett’s equity vision statement is: “At Sennett Middle School, all races of students, their families, staff, and our community members are actively engaged in a safe school environment through or with a trusted adult or peer.” To support our staff’s professional development in the area of racial equity we are holding staff book clubs. Funds will be used to purchase books for all interested staff.

Shabazz City High School, $600

Students will explore the history of books by creating them.  They will build a book as they explore the history of printing and bookmaking.

Shabazz City High School, $750

Students studying Ethnic Gardening will travel to Milwaukee to learn from Will Allen and his work in urban agriculture.

Shabazz City High School, $900

Funds will support our biking program at Shabazz by buying parts and updating our current bikes.

Shabazz City High School, $750

Students will organize and run a bi-monthly meal for the Shabazz community in conjunction with the Pathways in Food Preparation project.

Shabazz City High School, $500

In support of establishing Mindfulness at Shabazz, a staff member will pursue staff development opportunities by attending a Breath for Change training program.

Shorewood Elementary School, $1,938

Funds will be used toward the purchase of online subscriptions and applications.  K-2nd grade teachers and co-teachers will use a fourth of the total endowment fund to purchase online subscriptions or apps.  Formative data will be collected by teachers from these apps to inform their next instructional move.  3rd-5th grade teachers and co-teachers will use the remaining of the total endowment fund to purchase the online subscription, Ten Marks.  Ten Marks allows students to learn at their pace in a fun way while giving teachers the data that they need to inform instruction.

Spring Harbor Middle School, $300

Funds will be used to support the WOLF PRIDE Recognition and Reinforcement System and include the purchase of food and materials for monthly drawings, classroom celebrations, and the Gotcha Shop.  These items are used for recognition and reinforcement for students demonstrating the Social Emotional Learning standard.

Spring Harbor Middle School, $200

Funds will be used for the purchase of stress balls, fidgets, puzzles, and resistance bands to include in sensory kits in classrooms and the Wolf Den to help students with self-regulation.

Spring Harbor Middle School, $609

Funds will be used to finish the aquaponics system in the greenhouse with the purchase of pumps, filters, growing media, nutrients and plant floats.  Provides an opportunity for students to design, construct and maintain an operational growing system that will eventually provide food to students, families and the school community.

Spring Harbor Middle School, $2,553

Funds will be used for the purchase of Vernier Probes for use across all science disciplines.  Students will use this technology to collect, analyze and interpret scientific data.  Probes allow students to electronically measure/monitor a vast range of information including:  pH, heart rate, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, light, force, motion temperatures, magnetic fields and many more areas.

Spring Harbor Middle School, $800

Funding for the purchase of three stand-up desks; these desks provide students with an opportunity to be active and remain focused without derailing the learning process.

Stephens Elementary School, $900

Funds will be used to purchase one single-level water bottle filler with cooler station in order to increase emphasis on wellness for staff and students and promoting healthy behaviors and habits for students.

Stephens Elementary School, $952

Funds will be used to purchase Spanish books that can be sent home with families to learn in their native language and have culturally relevant conversations around literature with their families. This should help increase comprehension and achievement scores. This also helps address an equity issue and helps to grow the Spanish literature collection, enabling teachers to send books home with students more often.

Thoreau Elementary School, $3,804

There are 22 different home languages spoken at Thoreau.  By creating a culture of learning about different cultures and languages Thoreau is striving to increase the desire to learn different world languages, involve parents in learning, and work to increase understanding of people whose language and culture are different from each other.  To support this work, Thoreau hired a plurilingual teacher who will visit every classroom and work on a plurilingual project using the different languages found in that classroom.

Toki Middle School, $600

Intentional Mentoring targets mentors interested in helping close the achievement gap within our school systems.  This achievement gap is both academic and social.  Some students have a support network; others are less connected and may have a more difficult time standing in the face of adversity. The funds will be used for mentor resources, innovative mentoring database and resource books for mentor training, and activity supplies for the after-school program.

Toki Middle School, $140

SmartMusic is an innovative and creative way to run the band classroom. It helps students learn because it is standards-based, allows for differentiated instruction, contains data driven assessments and is a 21st century learning tool. With nearly 300 students enrolled in the Toki band program, SmartMusic will make an impact on a lot of young musicians. The funds will be used to purchase a Teacher SmartMusic Subscription and will be used with all band students when they have their own devices 2nd semester.

Toki Middle School, $570

Funds will be used to purchase Makey Makey kits for use in classrooms to teach circuitry and programming basics.  Students learn how to program their own games and create touch-sensitive ‘inventions’ that allow them to build electronics.

Toki Middle School, $150

Visioneers Design Challenge is a State Wide competition in the field of Design. It is STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Art, and Math), Career exploration, and caters to our Advanced learners. The Endowment grant will help cover the cost of this competition which requires substitute teachers, registration, transportation and materials.

Van Hise Elementary School, $944

This project is focused on creating conditions for our school to participate in the Breathe for Change program and process in the 2017-18 school year.  In addition, the training and knowledge gained will be shared with children, teachers and families in Spring, 2017.  This proposal includes using the funds from the endowment to support the training of Edie Mileham to become certified to empower educators to take care of themselves, their students, and their school communities through wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and community building.

This project is directly linked to the Climate/Culture and School Structure portions of the Van Hise SIP.  We are working on building a system of behavior supports that includes restorative mindfulness practices that are both proactive and responsive to our children.

West High School, $704

This project will place 5 junior and senior African American West High School students in Lincoln elementary, one per classroom, to serve as behavioral and academic mentors/tutors.  Students will spend 60-90 minutes per day. Students chosen are those at risk of not graduating (with lower reading or math skills) in their senior year.  Paired with an elementary at risk student, these mentors would gain necessary academic credit, content mastery through teaching, leadership skills and confidence which will serve them well in their future pathways.  The elementary at risk student will gain a mentor, community connection, a higher level of engagement and skills development.

Funds will be used to provide scholarships five students who fulfill their internships at $500 each.  The extra $300 would compensate a substitute teacher so Denise Hanson can monitor progress.

West High School, $703

This project will fund the purchase of drum line equipment (2-3 snare drums, 1 set of quads/multi tenor drums, 1-3 bass drums).  The drumline equipment will be for a new club, Madison West Drum Ensemble, a hand drumming group that is inclusive of students with disabilities.  Furthermore, the drumline club will collaborate with dance team, drill team, cheerleaders and concert band.  Investing in drumline equipment will add a new element to our student engagement options for extracurricular activities and ensure that students have access to the tools needed to start a tradition of inclusive musical practice at West.

West High School, $703

This proposal is designed enrich and supplement the Reading REWARDS program for students with below grade level reading skills.  The use of Latin materials was piloted and students responded very positively to the information.  These materials will enrich and supplement the REWARDS program by teaching decoding and pronunciation strategies for unknown multisyllabic words through the study of the Latin language.  This is a new and creative approach to addressing the learning needs of high school students who are behind in their reading skills.  The grant monies will be used to purchase instructional materials to carry out this new approach.  These materials can be used in the Reading REWARDS program.  They can also be used to support special education students taking Latin classes.

West High School, $704

This program is designed to approach family engagement from both the student and parent perspectives.  The program would provide incentives for whole families engaging within the West High community.  La Familia Latina Student Group meets regularly to help Latina students build bridges within school, provide a support network and celebrate their cultural heritage.  The Latino Parent Advisory Group began formation last year and meets monthly to discuss topics relevant to Latino parents and provide support to families.  Both efforts are having some impact on family engagement but not for school wide events and parent meetings.  This program is designed to train and create student/family ambassadors within the West High Latino community.  It is aimed at increasing their participation at schoolwide events and parent informational meetings as well as provide a toolkit for the family ambassadors to share with other parents in the community.  Family ambassadors(parents/students) must attend:

  • At least 75% La Familia Latina club meetings
  • At least 5/8 Latino Parent Advisory Group meetings
  • Attend grade level parent informational meetings and share take-aways
  • Engage at least two new families in the parent/student meetings and sharing their toolkit information
  • Attend at least one meeting with a Spanish BRS to monitor student progress
  • Speak at family events about parent engagement

They will be provided a Chromebook for use and to keep at the end of the year as well as a Community Service Award if they complete all requirements.

Wright Middle School, $1,121

Mindfulness Through Music is a program which teaches meditation and mindfulness to students through hip hop music and practice with an artist in residence, JusTme. JusTme teachers students how to deal with stress and anxiety through paying attention to their inside world in order to navigate their outside world. The program would teach mindfulness through hip hop music, a genre which is known to reach many middle school youth. JusTme creates music with a positive spin on hip hop culture and education.  He would do the program as an artist in residence at Wright Middle School for a two week period which would include an evening performance.