Current School Endowment Grants

Allis Elementary School, $1,294

Funds will be used to establish the Basketball Academy, providing students with extra exercise during the week in a highly structured and supportive setting.  Students will learn the fundamentals of basketball and will learn to play cooperative games in a non-threatening environment.  Focus on social emotional skills.

Badger Rock Middle School, $691

Funds will be used to work with Phitness Plus, a community based fitness organization led by Haywood Simmons.  Students from the focus groups highlighted in the BRMS School Improvement Plan (SIP) will be given first preference to work with Phitness Plus on a regular basis throughout the school year.  The primary work these students will be doing with Phitness Plus relates to the development and practice of fitness related activities outside of school; positive training mindfulness, personal development and developing healthy nutritional habits.

Black Hawk Middle School, $1,044

The Black Hawk Positive Behaviors and Supports Team will use this funding in support of its systems and culture of rewarding students for meeting behavioral expectations. We have a group of programs and rewards from daily recognition systems (CARES Cash), which students use for weekly drawings for gift cards, as well as a school store that is operated by students at which students can purchase school supplies and treats. The Student Leadership Group runs the school store. Funds will also be used to purchase quarterly recognition prizes, ranging from gift certificates to the chance for a field trip to Marcus Cinemas for meeting attendance and behavioral goals. The recognitions are positive ways to keep expectations high for all children and recognize the positive behaviors many exhibit on a daily basis.

Chávez Elementary School, $1,065

Funds will be used toward the purchase of two iPads to support our students with special needs. They may be used for foreshadowing, curriculum enhancement, Raz Kids, mathematics, music, etc.  This will allow students to have more meaningful and equitable access to the content they are learning.

Cherokee Middle School, $200

Funds will be used in support of an after-school program for girls during which the students will build and program Parallax Boe-Bot Robots.  Participants will be introduced to and have the opportunity to delve into engineering, mechatronics, and software development.

Cherokee Middle School, $700

Funds will be used to hold two Restorative Justice Parent Academies in an effort to get parents involved with the Restorative Justice Circles.

Cherokee Middle School, $1,000

Funds will be used to hold two Family Engagement “Get Togethers” in order strengthen the community WITHIN the school via family engagement.

Cherokee Middle School, $1,113

Funds will be used in support of the Cougar Snack Club, aimed at preventing student hunger and the negative behavior associated with it.

Cherokee Middle School, $1,000

Funds will be used to enable four Cherokee 6th grade Math teachers to attend the Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Conference at which they will present findings of a collaboration they’ve had with UW professors related to student discourse in mathematics classrooms.

Crestwood Elementary School, $1,860

Funds will be used to provide a means of collaboration between special education and regular education teachers around the need and use of regulation materials for all students.  Individual teachers have taken it upon themselves to set up “take a break” areas which may have items such as fidgets and visual soothers to aid in self-regulation.  In addition, some classroom teachers provide alternative learning spaces and seating options in their classrooms.  While there are a few classrooms with the spaces and materials, there are not district or school wide guidelines on how to effectively set up these areas and use self-regulation materials appropriately.  In addition, there are not funds designated for individual classroom teachers to obtain self-regulation materials for all students to use as well as to provide alternative seating options and learning spaces.  Having these materials, seating options and learning places in all classrooms will help all students become more regulated and increase time spent in the classroom, focused and ready to learn.

East High School, $3,000

Funds will be used to support and expand Link Crew, a nationally recognized, yearlong transition program focused on helping all freshmen become and continue to be connected to East High.

East High School, $800

Funds will be used to host a Latino Family Night, providing a safe and familiar place for parents and families of Latino students to come and learn about how East functions, how to support their children, to feel free to ask questions or talk about issues parents may have with the school or with their child in the school, as well as learn how to deal with everyday issues students face.

East High School, $500

Funds will be used in support of the Chef in the Classroom project that is a facet of the Culinary Basics classes, emphasizing the use of locally grown food and restaurant-style cooking.

East High School, $1,000

The Brotherhood is an African American, male, peer-to-peer, mirror mentoring program that utilizes 11th and 12th grade mentors to lead 9th and 10th grade mentees.  Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and lead by example. In addition to mentoring, they are also elevating their mentees and changing the culture of success among students of color.  The Brotherhood addresses the significant issues facing students of color in our schools; on-track to graduate, school achievement and decreasing negative behaviors. As mentors, these young men will attend bi-weekly group meetings with their mentee, meet formally with their mentee twice per week, communicate informally with their mentee throughout the week (texts, hallways, social media, etc.); they will help set goals, check on progress and overcome obstacles.  Mentors will also guide mentees in time management, organization, self-advocacy and balancing school, sports, and social life.

East High School, $1,514

Funds will be used in support of the DECA (business and marketing) club, helping to cover registration and other costs related to bringing 36 East students to a leadership conference for DECA.  At the conference students get to interact with CEO’s and other business leaders. They work on networking, and have a strong focus on growing their leadership and teamwork skills. Students learn valuable twenty-first century skills that will help them succeed in their academic life and also in their post- secondary life through college or a career.  Funding will allow for students who couldn’t normally afford to go to have access to the conference.

Elvehjem Elementary School, $846

Funds will be used in support of a partnership with the Order of the Eastern Stars, an African-American women’s organization in Madison to develop a mentoring program for African-American girls in 2nd -5th grade.  In alignment with District-wide goals and the goals of Elvehjem’s School Improvement Plan (SIP), the purpose of the mentoring program will be to increase engagement and academic achievement for African-American girls.  Angela Donahue, Madison chapter president, is actively recruiting members from the Order of the Eastern Stars to participate in the program. The goal is to identify ten mentors and pair them with ten students to meet on a monthly basis over lunch/recess. Books will be purchased so mentors and students can read together during their time. The girls will also participate in a monthly meeting that will address topics such as nutrition and health, hair care, and career exploration.

Emerson Elementary School, $1,266

Funds will be used for the purchase and installation of a water bottle filling station and the purchase of water bottles for students who may not have one.

Falk Elementary School, $600

Funds will be used to bring “First Act Children’s Theater Group” to the 2nd and 3rd grades.  The classrooms will incorporate the play’s content/themes (friendship, truthfulness) into literacy, art, and social emotional learning instruction.  Books purchased will support instruction in the classroom and will then be given to the school library for use by the rest of the school.  The opportunity to connect classroom learning to live theater will enhance our school’s writing and climate goals.

Falk Elementary School, $530

Funds will be used to purchase lumber necessary for building benches to our school garden.  The benches are part of a long-term garden and outdoor learning plan.  Next year, students, parent volunteers, and community members will support painting these benches.  The benches will provide seating space as our school expands the garden to be an outdoor education center for learning in all curricular areas, as well as an accessible gathering space for members of our community.

Falk Elementary School, $381

Funds will be used toward the purchase a mini iPad with voice to text capability.  The iPad and accompanying voice to text capability will provide greater access for a group of students with IEPs to more successfully engage in writing instruction, a key component of our school’s work this year.  Access to this iPad will also increase independence in demonstrating understanding of content.

Franklin Elementary School, $1,279

Funds will be used to hire Kennedy Center Artist Stuart Stotts for a 2 hour whole staff session in addition to 6 hours of additional work (mini-sessions) with staff and students in support of our efforts to increase student engagement and our focus on developing the whole child.

Glendale Elementary School, $408

Funds will be used to purchase wiggle seats, visual timers, and theraputty for classroom sensory resource kits.

Glendale Elementary School, $300

Funds will be used to establish a recess craft club to offer an alternative for students who were not showing high engagement at recess.  It will be facilitated by a staff member and will enable students to access arts and crafts activities in a collaborative, relationship-building environment.

Glendale Elementary School, $330

Funds will be used in support of the Kindergarten team’s desire to establish an interactive reading station for their reading block.  They will purchase 6 Kindle Fires.

Glendale Elementary School, $350

Funds will be used to purchase Legos and K’Nex for a builder’s club as an alternative recess for students who are not engaged during regular recess.  This will be facilitated by staff and offer another choice to our students to engage in cooperative, collaborative, and team building exercises.

Gompers Elementary School, $1,028

Funds will be used to register, design, build and maintain a Free Little Library next to the front playground, providing a pleasant storage space to share/exchange free reading materials with the Gompers community.  Children can share books they enjoy reading to encourage their friends to read.

Hamilton Middle School, $1,000

Grant money will be used to restore the Pelligrino Prairie located behind the school.  Wood mulch and hand tools will be purchased to create/restore pathways.  Funding will also be used to purchase movable picnic tables for classroom seating and for a variety of plants for the prairie.

Hamilton Middle School, $945

Grant money will be used to purchase four (4) stand-up desks for students to use in the classroom.  The standing desks can increase student fitness and attention spans, thereby increasing their overall engagement in the instructional environment.

Hamilton Middle School, $259

STRIVE is an acronym for Students Taking Responsibility in Valuing Education.  STRIVE is an after school intervention program for a select number of students based on certain criteria, both academic and behavioral.  The goal is to increase school engagement and academic success by providing a structured environment and academic tutoring.  Grant money will be used to purchase snacks, rewards, and supplies for students.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $975

A digital media kiosk will be placed in the main entry and will focus on featuring students and student work. The goal is to feature student activities and performances along with announcements to help connect with families. Messages and information will be displayed in the many different languages spoken by families. The creation of videos will be integrated into classroom activities. This will help meet the school’s SIP goals for Family and Community Engagement with a focus on cultural responsiveness.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $300

Staff want to replicate the success experienced by Glendale Elementary in their pursuit of educating students on mindfulness. The funds will be used to provide the Mindfulness Professional Learning Communities (PLC) with resources to implement mindfulness practices with students. This will help meet the school’s SIP goals for School Culture and Climate and the Behavior Education Plan.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $622

Teachers schedule several field trips throughout the year for students that support their curriculum. Even though the field trip fees have been kept as low as possible (always under $10 per child), families have not been able to afford the cost.  In order to continue integrating class field trips into the curriculum, foundation funds are needed to pay for field trip transportation.  This will help meet the school’s SIP goals for Well Rounded Access and Participation.

Huegel Elementary School, $458

Funds will be used to implement a new choice-based recess program to increase engagement levels and decrease recess issues. We offer several supervisor-led activities for students after going through and teaching the rules and expectations for each activity. We have seen great success with this new model, and we want to add new activities and choices including an adjustable basketball hoop, sidewalk chalk, and equipment for an obstacle course.

Huegel Elementary School, $459

Funds will be used to expand on our Ceiling Gallery Art Project. We will collaborate with our music teacher, Ms. Chalone, and piggy back off of her jazz residency.  Our ceiling tiles will be inspired by music, as artist and musicians have a long history of working with each other.  We will learn about noted African American artist and composer Romaire Bearden, as well as Henri Matisse, the French artist who was profoundly impacted by jazz music.

Huegel Elementary School, $350

Funds will be used to support the implementation of collaboration groups in music. Each class has approximately 5 different groups and works on a specific music activity together. Funds will be used to purchase 3 small rugs to define the small group spaces in the music room, giving the groups boundaries while still allowing for a larger space for movement as needed.

Innovative and Alternative Education, $1,226

Funds will be used in support of a project that focuses on the development of an inaugural Family Forum. In its first year, a primary goal for the IAE Family Forum will be to re-engage parents and families in their children’s’ education. Most IAE students are significantly off track to graduation, and many IAE parents and families express mistrust of schools to provide equitable learning opportunities for their students. The term parent also applies to a number of IAE students who have children of their own and who would benefit from another community of support through the IAE Family Forum.

As IAE families reside across the district, location and transportation are often a barrier to participation. As much as possible, IAE will go to neighborhood communities to engage families. Karen Mapp’s Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships will guide the work of this project.

Jefferson Middle School, $250

Funds will be used in support of the 3D Printing Project that provides materials to enhance a “makerspace” where students can use a 3D Printer, amazing new technology acquired by the school. The funds will go to help purchase supplies so the printer can be immediately put to use.

Jefferson Middle School, $500

Funds will be used in support of the PBS Recognition program that greatly benefits the school.  Funds will enable PBS staff to award positive behavior and ‘students of the month’ with treats and prizes. Prizes will be in the school store as well, and prizes will be used for Jaguar Pride winners.

Jefferson Middle School, $663

Funds will be used to help enable the purchase of two Chromebooks that can be used for special projects and populations. Additional Chromebooks will be purchased using matching funds. Current Chromebook carts are used for entire classes at one time; without providing consistent use to small groups. AVID classrooms would use them during inquiry-based processes to look up questions, vocabulary and additional resources. Exceptional Education Needs (EEN) students would use them to support math and reading work.

Kennedy Elementary School, $250

Funds will be used to expand a classroom library to be more diverse and representative of the many cultures found at Kennedy.  Funds will be used to increase the number of books in the classroom that feature strong lead characters from a variety of cultures and multicultural perspectives.

Kennedy Elementary School, $363

Funds will be used for the purchase of books for students to have a student library at home. The focus will be on economically disadvantaged students and would start with primary grades.

Kennedy Elementary School, $364

Funds will be used to establish a program that focuses on building strong home-school relationships with ELL families of Kennedy Kindergarten students.  The team will conduct five home visits where both the classroom teacher and ESL teacher visits families in their homes for 1-1.25 hours after the school day is complete. The overarching goal of this project is to build a relationship built on trust and mutual respect, and to build that bridge between school and home for Kennedy’s ELL families.  It is a student-centered approach and will look different for each family visited, because the goals will be based on the needs of each individual family.  It is felt that the investment in this “two-way” communication approach will allow for heightened educational experiences for Kennedy’s ELL students and also foster community building within our school.

La Follette High School, $2,254

Funds will be used to purchase seven complete 3-D models for the purpose of building with clay in the Body Structure and Function class.    As we study each of the body systems, the students build the organs with clay and add it to the model.  As the students build, they switch from thinking of the model to thinking of themselves as the model.  The benefit of the 3-D model is that it can be turned and seen from many angles rather than remaining a flat page from a book. When students take the concept from a book and apply it to the model and then their own body, they will see the concepts become alive and more realistic. The students apply content language while building. The collaboration among the students helps all students to be successful.

The Body Structure and Function class is for students in grades 10 – 12.  It is made up of a diverse group of students: male and female, various races and cultures, a wide range of learning abilities (from those with IEPs to those planning on attending medical school) and differing learning styles.

This learning tool supports the National Health Science standards. It engages the students with the content and with each other. It shifts the cognitive load to the students so they are critically thinking, engaged and collaborating with each other.  They are able to see their learning made visible.  This approach has made the students take ownership of their learning, which has impacted their ability to pass this class which in turn helps with the graduation rate and helps students who choose to further their schooling in a Health Career pathway.

Lake View Elementary School, $1,028

Funds will be used to establish the “Celebrate our Diversity” club which will be offered weekly after school.  The goal will be to learn about all of the cultures in our school by exploring language, food, games, arts, music, crafts, fashion etc…We will create videos, products, and food to share during monthly assemblies, family nights and school wide events.

Lapham Elementary School, $1,283

Funds will be used to support the implementation of Zones of Regulation which support student learning in the areas of social emotional skills and self-regulation.

Leopold Elementary School, $302

Funds will enable 5th grade DLI students to learn about gratitude and create art designs for greetings cards that they will sell.  The money will purchase 500 greeting cards, which the students will market and sell.  The profits, along with a collection drive, will be used to create care packages for families who are homeless.  The students will also do a popcorn sale to cover bus fare to visit the Occupy Madison village.

Leopold Elementary School, $400

Funds will be used in support of the 2nd grade ELI and DLI service learning project.  The money will be used to purchase fleece fabric.  The classrooms will make two blankets each to donate to patients of the American Family Children’s Hospital.

Leopold Elementary School, $725

Funds will be used for the purchase of NetSupport School Classroom Management software for the Computer Lab.  The software allows the teacher to monitor/control student access in the computer lab.  It can also be used as a teaching tool, because of the ability to record student work while on a computer.

Leopold Elementary School, $182

Funds will be used to purchase 7 external CD/ROM/DVD Drives that teachers can use as needed to further enhance instruction and curriculum.

Lincoln Elementary School, $1,213

Funds will be used toward the after-school dance program that aligns to our SIP goal regarding supporting the “whole child” and well-roundedness.  Hip Hop, West African, Mexican Folkloric will all be featured.

Lindbergh Elementary School, $1,012

Funds will be used to purchase sensory tools needed for students to use while in the Sensory Room (i.e. medicine balls, calming sand, and an iPad used to track student feelings around the Zones of Regulation).The purpose of the Sensory Room is to have a space where students can access sensory tools needed to assist those struggling to regulate their minds and bodies.

Lowell Elementary School, $1,184

Funds will be used to support SIP aligned work centered on the Behavior Education Plan.  We have several students who would benefit from planned sensory breaks as well as access to a sensory room when they become dysregulated and unable to focus on learning.  Supplies will be purchased for the “Lizard Room” which is a sensory room stocked with tools children can use to get back to a state of regulation and return to learning.  We plan to use the “Zones of Regulation” curriculum as our guide in this work.  In addition, we are fully implementing our Pillars of Power around which behavior expectations are developed and supported.  Our Pillars differ from the district and include Leadership, Community, and Discipline. Funding will also support our efforts to align the “Zones of Regulation” approach to our Pillars of Power so that we can better support those students most in need.

Marquette Elementary School, $600

As a collaborative school in the 21st century, we frequently incorporate flexible cooperative groups in our lesson planning. Collaborative work can be talkative and might distract other learners, so a means of separating groups is appreciated. This grant will purchase 2 flexible and portable walls. Providing the same privacy as a traditional cubicle wall, these walls are more versatile as they can roll up for storage, magnetically link together if desired, and are hook and loop compatible. Collaborative work is an aspect of Gradual Release of Responsibility for learning, a component of our SIP plan.

Marquette Elementary School, $450

Funds will be used to purchase a MP3 player for each of our 9 classrooms. As a school, we have license to download books from OverDrive. Teachers, in collaboration with the LMTS (Library Media Technology Services) director, will be able to download multiple books at various reading levels. This will support struggling learners to read along with books at their reading level and to participate in book discussions on books at grade level. This project supports the struggling readers and writers who are a focus group of our SIP plan.

Marquette Elementary School, $233

The grant submitter received a donation of 2 digital cameras, and requested funds for printing and framing. She plans to work with small groups of students who might not otherwise have access to photography, to learn how to take and enhance photos, then frame them for themselves and their families. Being part of the group, developing a new skill, will enhance self-confidence and school engagement. This project will support the Family and Community Engagement component of our SIP plan.

Memorial High School, $532

Funds will be used to establish a Staff Book Club focused on reading and discussing books that support the implementation of Restorative Justice Circles and other Restorative practices at Memorial.

Memorial High School, $300

Funds will be used to purchase books for classroom library that invite students deeper into a conversation about current issues in an accessible way.

Memorial High School, $1,284

Funds will be used to purchase audio versions of seven titles frequently used by the 10th grade team and then loaded onto iPods for use by students with IEPs or for auditory learners.

Memorial High School, $750

Funds will be used to sponsor a visit from Dr. Demondrae Thurman and his quartet.

Memorial High School, $1,012

Funds will be used to establish an incentive program to encourage ELL students to take advantage of tutoring help, particularly focused on math and science.

Mendota Elementary School, $1,669

Funds will be used to create a small library (about 120 titles) that will contain bilingual books (Spanish-English/Hmong-English), that students and parents can check out weekly and read together at home (i.e. parents read the page in their home language and the students read the page in English). The books will enable parents and students to build background knowledge, improve language skills, and have access to classic children literature which can build cultural competence.

In order to explain to parents how this project works, we’ll host an ELL parent-student night where we will:

-explain what the project is about

-how to access the books

-provide a list of questions that parents can use at home

-model how to read to students/parents

-presenting the titles that we’ll have available

-answer any questions that might arrive

-take the opportunity to build community

Mendota Elementary School, $750

Funds will be used to purchase software program NewsELA, a resource to help kids build comprehension, while using real world relevant reading materials.  Having access to NewsELA articles, kids read non-fiction texts at their reading Lexile level and can take quizzes about the reading or answer questions in short essay responses.  These news articles are not only engaging to students, but they give 3rd graders a chance to read closely, deeply analyze texts, use technology, practice typing, and apply writing skills to their responses.

Midvale Elementary School, $170

Funds will be used for a project that explores new K-2 curriculum to support the development of Oral Language, matching the student’s abilities exactly where they are. A targeted language acquisition inventory will help classrooms and support teachers understand how student learning behaviors may impact the process of mastering English and its use. It is a program different than the one the district supports.

Midvale Elementary School, $500

Funds will be used to help build a library to support teaching social emotional learning. This books are all connected to our Second Step curriculum.

Midvale Elementary School, $139

Funds will be used to help provide storage boxes for Kindergarten students. This will help teachers help students create expanding files to collect report cards, school memories and projects, and in the future…awards, certificates, and work experience.

Midvale Elementary School, $404

Funds will be used to expand work on Social Emotional Learning Standards and Second Step Curriculum by building on mindfulness skills during the Kindergarten quiet rest time. A mindfulness picture book and CD support building focus, relaxation and the calming environment. These skills will be built upon throughout the day in other subject areas and will support the behavioral success of students.

Muir Elementary School, $280

Funds will be used to support a program designed to connect with 4K and early childhood students through music therapy.  Program is in conjunction with Very Special Arts.

Muir Elementary School, $200

Funds will be used in support of a project designed to connect fourth graders with Native American History through speaker and folk singer Skip Jones.

Muir Elementary School, $225

Funds will be used to purchase a Garden Rain Shelter in order to do projects outside – rain or shine.

Muir Elementary School, $295

Funds will be used in support of a student-led project building eight benches for outdoor classroom and learning areas.

Muir Elementary School, $250

Funds will be used to hold Hip Hop dance classes taught by professional dancers, concluding with a final dance concert presented to the entire school community.

Muir Elementary School, $400

Funds will be used to purchase Raz-Kids memberships for online reading library for kindergarten students to access at school and at home.

Muir Elementary School, $75

Funds will be used to purchase items for the Regulation Room which will include specific materials and resources for station work for students who need to regulate their emotions and physical needs after being evaluated.

Nuestro Mundo Community School, $900

Funds will be used to establish a Sensory Regulation Room.  In recent years, the number of students requiring additional services to meet their sensory needs has increased. Students with sensory regulation needs require a place in the building that is equipped with materials and equipment that will allow them to meet their special needs and reintegrate into the learning community.  Currently, we have students that are having a very difficult time staying in the classroom and in a state of mind conducive to learning.

O’Keeffe Middle School, $1,201

Funds will be used to partner with Youth Frontiers in an effort to build a positive community of learners in our 7th grade.  Our vision is to support the students and empower them to act with moral courage to treat each other with respect in the hallway, on the bus and in every classroom.  This program offers students a safe and supportive opportunity to identify the social fears and peer pressure that gets in the way of making responsible choices.   Students learn to take positive risks that build a sense of belonging while developing a common language about what we want from our school community.

O’Keeffe Middle School, $790

Funds will be used to partner with Opera for the Young, a professional opera touring company that brings an adaptation of a familiar opera to elementary and middle school audiences across the mid-west.  Each production uses students as major characters and the opera’s chorus.  These students get the full opera experience with staging, costumes, and rehearsal immediately before the show.  Many music teachers teach their entire student body so that even audience members can sing along and be part of the show.  Opera for the Young makes opera accessible and relatable to young audiences by bringing the experience to them.  This year’s touring production of the Magic Flute includes O’Keeffe’s own choir teacher.  It is exciting for students to see what they learn in the classroom come alive on the stage, even more so when it is one of their own teachers.

Olson Elementary School, $746

Funds will be used to sponsor guest artist Jeff Haynes in conjunction with the Cultural Arts Event focused on the message of one community working together.

Orchard Ridge Elementary School, $763

Our school is currently working to prepare all students to be college, career, and community ready.  In order to accomplish this goal, students need multiple exposures to informational text.  Currently, we have a limited supply of high quality, engaging, and developmentally appropriate informational text for first graders.  There is a wide variety of informational texts available for fluent and established readers, but much less for emergent and beginning readers.  This project would allow first grade teachers the opportunity to purchase more of these texts including whole group materials and independent reading materials at the beginning reading levels.  Cross-curricular connections could also be made to ensure all students are being exposed to science and social studies topics throughout the day.  By increasing students’ access to high quality, engaging, and developmentally appropriate informational text, we would be increasing the likelihood of positive learning experiences in some of our youngest learners.  These positive experiences can help build lifelong learners that would thrive in our school for years to come.

Orchard Ridge Elementary School, $250

Telling Stories II – Building Community project builds upon the Telling Stories project implemented at Orchard Ridge in 2014.  Based on the idea that stories can be told anywhere, and by everyone, the project is designed to explore the power of stories in creating a strong sense of community.  In addition to story workshops offered to students during the regular school day and afterschool AACE (Academic Achievement in Community Education) program hours, this year’s project is extended to adults with three evening guest artist workshops.   Within the story project, there is a focus on family, with an emphasis on intergenerational learning.  As a whole, Telling Stories II offers further venues and opportunities for sharing our stories, opening up avenues for dialogue, and for understanding our differences, as well as what we have in common.

Randall Elementary School, $1,279

Funds will be used to purchase 32 Lexia reading licenses to provide reading intervention for students who are reading below grade level.

Sandburg Elementary School, $550

Equipment and supplies to support family events.

Sandburg hosts a quarterly “student showcase” bringing in parents for a light meal or snacks and a chance to visit classrooms to see what students have been working on and learning over the quarter.  Increasingly we have engaged students in the preparation and serving of food, and when we can, to utilize local foods and foods from our own school garden.  Funds will be used to purchase equipment to be used in the preparation and serving of food.

Sandburg Elementary School, $406

With support from two grants, staff and students have transformed the front of the school into a diverse garden with flowers, vegetable gardens, and picnic tables.  Funds will be used to make continuing enhancements including completion of a partially funded garden shed (including paint), construction of a community kiosk to hold information about the garden, the school and the neighborhood, and the creation of a sheltered area.

Schenk Elementary School, $951

Funds will be used to purchase Schenk Shining Shark t-shirts to the Students of the Month.  Each t-shirt includes language reminding students to be Safe, Helpful, A learner, Respectful – Responsible, and Kind–spelling out SHARK.  These shirts help celebrate and reinforce the positive student efforts in developing school character traits.

Schenk Elementary School, $586

In an effort to provide high quality student, family, and staff imagery throughout the school and on our reworked school website and electronic newsletter, the funds will be used to purchase a new digital camera.  The camera will be used by staff to improve the quality and quantity of the diverse imagery we have in our halls as well as in electronic communication.  The school does not currently have a quality camera for this purpose.

Sennett Middle School, $1,510

In order to expand knowledge of instructional and classroom management strategies, new staff will be paired with veteran staff for classroom observations and reflection.

Shabazz City High School, $500

Student Voice and Vision through Altered Texts:  Students will design a re-purposed or altered book and give a public presentation of their work.

Shabazz City High School, $500

Cultural Explorations:  Students from Spanish and Community Activism Program will take a trip to Chicago to visit the National Mexican Museum.

Shabazz City High School, $594

Funding will provide seed money to begin a printmaking program at Shabazz.

Shabazz City High School, $500

Turning Young Writers into Playwrights:  Students work with the Children’s Theatre of Madison to write original scripts.  One script is chosen to be staged at the Overture Center.

Shabazz City High School, $500

Shabazz students experience the joy of service by working together to prepare weekly Community Lunches for the Shabazz Community.

Shabazz City High School, $500

Farm to Table Project Green Team (PGT) Nutritional Project:  Connect land-use practice with food and nutrition through hands-on experiences in food preparation.  Project Green Team. It is a cohort of classes focused on Sustainability and Stream Ecology.

Shabazz City High School, $500

Funds will enable staff development training for physical education teacher to learn how to incorporate yoga into PE curriculum.

Sherman Middle School, $525

The Sherman Computer Science Lab will grow with new advances in technology through the addition of a Printbot Play 3D Printer. The printer will allow students to explore how 3D printing is used in Art, Engineering, Medicine and other field for real world usage. The addition of a 3D printer target’s our SIP’s focus, “offering a wide variety of enrichment opportunities that support different learning styles and levels, which fosters creativity, leadership, and the arts.

Sherman Middle School, $1,315

As part of Universal Practices for Positive Behavior Supports, Sherman will be hosting a SOARS (Support Others, Act Responsibility, Safely) Conference that focuses on anti-bullying. The conference will mirror an adult professional conference where students will attend different sessions throughout the day. We are making it more culturally relevant for our students by altering it to be more focused on Hip Hop in the Classroom Strategies. To continue our collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Office of Multicultural Arts Initiative, we will focus the day around the 5 elements of Hip Hop with the foundation related around anti bullying.

Shorewood Elementary School, $1,886

Funds will be used for the purchase of online subscriptions for K-2nd grade teachers and co-teachers to purchase Raz Kids. Raz Kids will enable students to access their leveled text through an interactive learning portal designed to keep them motivated and engaged. Students will have access at home and at school.

3rd-5th grade teachers and co-teachers will purchase the online subscription, Spelling City. Spelling City makes spelling, grammar and complex sentence creation fun through an interactive online platform. Teachers can use Spelling City to access creative lesson plans such as Crazy Commas.  Both Raz Kids and Spelling City will be used to help teachers take differentiation to the next level by personalizing instruction for each student. This helps make the lessons engaging and innovative. Plus, with access at home, it serves as a communication tool between staff and families about what the students are learning in the classroom.

Funds will also be used to purchase Ten Marks which allows students to learn at their pace in a fun way while giving teachers the data that they need to inform instruction.

Spring Harbor Middle School School, $4,353

Funds will be used to purchase a Leveled Literacy Intervention kit in support of SIP goal to increase reading scores for target groups.

Stephens Elementary School, $600

Funds will be used to establish a Spanish language course for Stephens’ educators to improve communication with families that use Spanish as their home language.   The class will cover basic sounds, vocabulary, grammar, and education on Latino culture in Madison.   The class will be available to all teachers, and will find ways to incorporate the local Spanish-speaking community.

Stephens Elementary School, $400

Funds will enable the librarian to purchase a video camera and two to three still cameras that can be checked out by students and staff in order to capture student work, performances, and assemblies.  The recordings can be used to communicate with families, create multimedia projects, or for analysis and evaluation.  Images and videos will be shared on Stephens’ website, student newspaper, teacher pages, and other communication tools to engage families.

Stephens Elementary School, $677

Funds will be used to provide each third and fourth grade bilingual student with a monthly subscription to La Comunidad News, a Spanish language newspaper published in Madison.   The papers will be delivered to school twice a month, and articles will be used to expand on informative and persuasive writing skills, and to discuss current events in our local community and state.  Funds will also support a field trip to the publisher’s office to learn about journalism.

Thoreau Elementary School, $3,122

Funds will be used to purchase Simultaneous Interpretation equipment which allows a translator to translate without stopping after every sentence.  Presentations run smoothly as the translator is able to translate in ‘real time’ as the presenter is speaking.

Thoreau Elementary School, $480

Funds will be used to purchase 18 copies of “Raising Race Questions – Whiteness and Inquiry in Education” for a staff Book Study program.

Toki Middle School, $568

Each year, Toki teachers continue to involve students in innovative projects in the garden. For many students, this is their first experience growing plants and learning the importance of growth, death, decomposition and rebirth that happens in a garden. Sustaining and maintaining our garden enables Toki teachers to continue creating opportunities for students to have experiences growing healthy food and is of great importance to Toki Middle School and the surrounding community. The funds will be used to purchase plants, seeds, bulbs, straw, composted soil, mulch, lumber for benches and raised beds, gardening tools, composters and curriculum materials.

Toki Middle School, $600

Intentional Mentoring targets mentors interested in helping close the achievement gap within our school systems.  This achievement gap is both academic and social.  Some students have a support network; others are less connected and may have a more difficult time standing in the face of adversity. The funds will be used for binders for mentor resources, resource books for mentor training, activity supplies for the after-school program, paper, plastic sleeves and folders for the mentor binders.

Toki Middle School, $140

SmartMusic is a new, innovative and creative way to run the band classroom. It helps students learn because it is standards-based, allows for differentiated instruction, contains data driven assessments and is a 21st century learning tool. With nearly 300 students enrolled in the Toki band program, SmartMusic will make an impact on a lot of young musicians. The funds will be used to purchase 1 Teacher SmartMusic Subscription.

Van Hise Elementary School, $896

Funds will be used for “Random Acts of Art: be an ALLY” in support of our work focused on school culture and climate.

Students will:

-Generate and choose an ally based idea for our project

-Create the work

-Create a statement to go with their work about how it connects to being an ally, and what that means to them

-With the help of a parent/guardian/adult/teacher choose somewhere in Madison they would like to place their art.  Attached to the art will be a note about what being an ally means to them, a statement about how they get to keep the art, and the #randomactsofartbeanally.  Student will be asked to take a picture of where they placed their art and send it to teacher Beth Cantwell.  The # is used so that all the students’ pictures will be collected together, and when people find the art they can use the # to find out more about the project.

West High School, $200

Students in Biology and Biology 2 study ecological issues relating to world food supply and how the art of locally grown food has been lost.  Each spring, students plant a fruit tree in order to create community and learn about local sources of food made available to the public.  Students will conduct outreach to educate their peers on the purpose of the fruit trees.  As their supply of fruit increases, excess will be donated to food banks and homeless shelters.  These projects create pride in our school and service to our community.

West High School, $1,000

Funds will be used for the “Freshmen Forward” project.  Ninth grade students with at least one B and at least one F will be invited to a dinner with their family at West High School after 1st quarter.  Dinner and celebration of student’s achievement paired with discussion of the child and family’s needs and concerns will follow.  At least one of the child’s teachers will attend and facilitate the family discussion.  Purpose is to build a positive working relationship with the family and make personal connections to student, staff and parents.

West High School, $750

Funds will be used to provide graphing calculators for students on need.  Access to a graphing calculator for classwork and homework is vital for success in Algebra 1 & Algebra 2 Trig.   While most students’ families are able to procure a calculator for them, some families are not able to provide the $100 plus needed for these calculators.  Math teachers would like to systematically purchase and create a supply of calculators to rent out, free of charge, to qualifying low income students and families in specific math classes.

West High School, $425

Funds will be used for the Regent Spotlight Luncheons.  Once a month, teachers use luncheon celebrations to recognize students who have struggled but are making significant improvements.  Students are nominated by their teachers and are treated to a catered lunch with the nominating teacher, their counselor and their assistant principal.  At these events, students are recognized for their achievement and receive a West High Pin or a cool school supply of their choice as a token of their success.

Whitehorse Middle School, $1,156

Funds will be used toward the creation of a 21st Century Library Media Center, providing the space and the tools necessary to assist teachers and the Library Media Technology Specialist in instruction relating to technology literacy, tools to seek and filter information, space for students to work together to problem solve/research, soft/inviting reading spaces and space for teachers, parents, and community groups to meet, work, and collaborate.

Wright Middle School, $537.50

Funds will be used for the purchase of 27 Kindle Books for Social Studies classrooms. Students will benefit from the addition of materials to the classroom that relate to social studies. Geography content books and ancient civilization books will be added to the Kindles in order to provide a learning experience that is unique for the students. The books will provide the students with the opportunity for further research. The social studies classroom can be an innovative partner in raising reading scores for struggling readers.

Wright Middle School, $537.50

Funds will be used to institute a mindfulness practice, starting with staff, knowing that if staff are taking care of themselves, they will take care of the students better. Staff will be provided with a weekly mindfulness practice for teachers, a monthly newsletter with suggestions for mindful practice, and two professional development opportunities for staff with ideas for bringing the practice to students. Mindfulness is a research proven method for increasing focus and attention towards a task and improving overall health. Additionally, many of our students come from Lincoln and Leopold Elementary School where mindfulness practices are an integral part of their general education practices, and thus we have a foundation to build upon with our students. Students will continue to learn and practice lifelong healthy habits which will allow them success in high school and beyond.