Current School Endowment Grants

Allis Elementary School, $1,205

Funds will be used to establish a structured approach to enable the entire school to learn culturally relevant, new games as well as traditional sports games to be played at recess. Madison School Community Recreation (MSCR) leaders will teach students new games, focusing on games played primarily in other countries. Some games will require purchased materials and some will use things found in nature and in students’ imaginations. Goal is to have student leaders (perhaps student council) take over the leadership of these games. MMSD staff will teach students cooperative sports games.

Black Hawk Middle School, $967

Funds will be used to purchase sensory items for student use in the classroom (Thera-putty, chewy items, sorting materials) along with Four iPod Touch devices to be used to quickly collect student data on interventions. As we have more students engaged in interventions, we need quick, efficient, and effective ways to collect data that tells us how students respond to the intervention. This project will support our students in the classroom with sensory items, and document interventions on a mobile device using google documents (google forms and google spreadsheets)

Chávez Elementary School, $993

Funds will be used to purchase two document cameras and one projector that teachers can use as needed to enhance instruction. Having this equipment will enable support of a large portion of the Chávez SIP which is a joint and focused study of Writing Anchor Standard #1 which focuses on Opinion writing, which is a large part of the Common Core State Standards.

Cherokee Middle School, $1,764

Funds will be used toward the establishment of an after-school program for girls during which the students will build and program Parallax Boe-Bot Robots. Participants will be introduced to and have the opportunity to delve into engineering, mechatronics, and software development.

Cherokee Middle School, $1,200

Funds will be used to develop, plan, and teach an alternative pilot program called Hip Hop Literacy. The project is a music-based, enrichment program designed for a select group of students whose needs are not being met in the traditional music classroom.

Cherokee Middle School, $800

Funds will be used for the purchase of two iPads, two durable cases, and educational apps for use in the Functional Skills Classroom, increasing the level of interaction, interest, and engagement with instruction students with special education needs experience.

Crestwood Elementary School, $250

Funds will be used to purchase materials for use with Print Path curriculum, which complements the Mondo Literacy program and provides consistent handwriting instruction utilizing sensory motor activities which are engaging and fun for Kindergartners and first graders.

Crestwood Elementary School, $1,000

Funds will be used for the Hip Hop Dance Project that will provide every student with the opportunity to participate in a week of hip hop dance instruction led by Kevin Amundson, a professional choreographer and dancer from Nashville. At the end of the week, an all school assembly dance is planned. Each class will perform a dance they learned during their PE class in addition to the whole school performing in a group dance. Staff and parents are invited to this event supporting our SIP goal to meaningfully engage all families in their child’s schooling experience so that students and their families feel connected to our school.

East High School, $5,441

Funds will be used support of the Pa-Moja(Swahili for together) Project which aims to improve the educational experience of disadvantaged youth at East HS by giving students a much deeper and more engaging learning experience. Ten economically
disadvantaged EHS youth and four staff members will travel to Kenya in the summer of 2015 to work alongside Kenyan youth who are involved in the Pa-Moja sister school project. The project is designed to help foster these students’ educational desires and lead them to be the strong leaders and problem solvers needed worldwide in the 21st century.

East High School, $800

Funds will be used to enable Spanish Language Arts students to prepare for and take the Spanish SAT, allowing them to access a new way to validate their skills. This test differs from the AP in that it only asks students to respond to questions, written and heard, vs an essay-based test like the AP. Many heritage students have very strong
oral communication skills but are weak in writing. For these students, this test will provide validation of their abilities that they could use on resumes, job applications, college applications and for scholarships.

Elvehjem Elementary School, $800

Sensory Break in the Classroom: Keeping Students in the Learning Environment. This fall the District introduced the new Behavior Education Plan (BEP.) BEP reflects the District’s goal to increase student engagement in the classroom through the use of proactive strategies to reduce problem behaviors and limit the time students are out of class due to those behaviors. A practice already in place at Elvehjem is Take a Break (TAB). TAB is a short break taken by a student, in a designated spot in the classroom, to help the student regain self-control then return to school work. Funds will be used to purchase materials and provide support to classroom teachers so all children would have access to sensory breaks. The materials to be purchased were selected with help of our Occupational Therapist. Materials selected including stress balls, tangles, and thera-tubing and work to promote calming, reduce stress, and increase concentration.

Emerson Elementary School, $1,156

Funds will be used to purchase Freenotes durable instruments. Eye catching and beautiful, Freenotes are interactive art sculptures, designed for spontaneous musical expression that is pleasing to the ear. Every child, including those with physical and developmental disabilities will want to play these instruments.

Falk Elementary School, $990

Funds will be used to purchase subscriptions for second through fifth grade students to an online learning tool that makes learning math, reading and writing fun. The program builds on the understanding of each student, tailoring questions to their individual needs, and guiding their progress while the students enjoy playing interactive games. Some students at Falk have already used the program and truly enjoy the games while gaining skills. Teachers are intimately involved in the analysis of the student’s advancement and the construction of further learning opportunities. The program aligns with the Common Core and helps students prepare for online testing.

Falk Elementary School, $160

Funds will be used to create a welcoming banner for the front of the school. Falk wants to redirect parents and children to the front of the school and encourage people entering to feel welcome. A large vinyl banner with the school’s name and a welcome phrase will present a more positive image to the families and the neighborhood. The art classes will work on the design for the banner.

Franklin Elementary School, $1,173

Funds will be used to support students that may or may not have special needs and require extra modifications to improve their learning. Funds will be used to purchase 5 student rocking chairs to be used in regular education classrooms in place of regular student seating. We will also purchase one iPad and sturdy cover to aid in supporting the communication needs of some children.

Glendale Elementary School, $1,304

Funding will be used to purchase high interest, emergent Spanish language texts. Focusing on Glendale’s “Well Roundedness” SIP goal, these texts will be selected based upon social/emotional learning topics. These texts will aid our DLI sections as we focus on the integration of social/emotional learning standards into literacy.

Gompers Elementary School, $341.82

Funds will be used to purchase voice recorders for a project called “Let Your Inner Voice Out” which is designed to provide the appropriate scaffolding for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade English Language Learners (ELLs) in writing. The most creative and innovative aspect of “Let Your Inner Voice Out” is also the most basic: students have a right to record their stories, thoughts, and ideas, even if they are only developmentally capable of doing so orally. The idea of using technology to provide students with equitable access to education is laid out in the MMSD technology plan.

Gompers Elementary School, $563.18

This project will allow for the purchase of materials to support the implementation of Zones of Regulation at the Tier 1 level. Zones of Regulation is a curriculum that teaches children how to connect their emotions to different color ‘Zones’ and teaches children how to self-regulate. This grant will allow Gompers to purchase the materials that act as tools and allow children to more effectively regulate within the walls of the classroom, and supports the Behavior Education Plan in providing access to learning and effective behavior strategies for all students.

Hamilton Middle School, $1,100

Funds will be used to purchase art carts full of materials/supplies for teachers to create thematic projects with their homerooms related to the social-emotional learning curriculum (Second Step) used by the school. Materials will be used to personalize the learning, support student reflection, and reinforce themes. This project supports many areas of the school’s SIP: Instructional Practice, School Culture and Climate, and Well-rounded Access and Participation.

Hamilton Middle School, $500

Funds will be used to purchase books for speech and language therapy. The books will be used under a shared reading structure and will be beneficial for students in building a variety of skills that are not directly taught or practiced in the classroom i.e. fluency,
articulation, sustained focus, etc. This project supports the Content and Instructional Practice areas of the school’s SIP. It also will support efforts in closing the literacy achievement gap.

Hamilton Middle School, $522

Funds will be used to purchase books for students in reading intervention classes. New titles that are current, relevant to students’ lives, and readable will be purchased for students to check out and take home from the classroom library. This project supports literacy achievement for many student groups represented in the school’s achievement gap.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $847

Funds will be used to improve student success through structured recess activities by purchasing play equipment, suitable for all grade levels. This supports staff by providing structure for student’s “outside instructional time” (recess) to impact a student’s
performance during classroom instructional time. Positive structured play activities build on Hawthorne’s social-emotional and PBIS curriculum. The success students feel on the playground transfers into the classroom with calmer, more confident students.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $300

Funds will be used to hold four Family Engagement Nights for 4K parents, providing families with an opportunity to come to school, engage with teachers and connect with other K parents. Hawthorne’s SIP goals include a FACE goal to help bridge the gap between schools and families. Individuals involved include classroom teacher, bilingual resource teacher, special education staff, and school psychiatrist.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $357.50

Funds will be used for the fourth and fifth grade class musical. Approximately 110 4th and 5th graders participate in the Hawthorne Elementary musical, with everyone having a role in the production. The musical is included in the SIP goals as it contributes to the well rounded student.

Hawthorne Elementary School, $260.50

Funds will be used to enable students to take two trips to Karmenta Care Center, Belmont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Harmony of Madison Assisted Care during which Hawthorne students will perform performance pieces they developed (singing, dancing, magic tricks, etc.).

Huegel Elementary School, $385.67

Funds will be used toward the purchase of the Gameplan-Orff Curriculum, which offers xylophone/movement based music curriculum. Huegel is the first school in the district to use this curriculum and this grant will allow our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to experience this movement based curriculum. The version we are purchasing this year has an added technology component, which will allow for creative and innovative use of the iPad and presentation station that are currently being used in the music classroom.

Huegel Elementary School, $385.67

Funds will be used to establish an afterschool book club with a focus on technology for 3rd, 4th and 5th students and their families. The focus of the club is to provide families and students the opportunity to explore different genres of books, technology exploration of author websites and webcasts, a visit to the neighborhood updated Meadowood library and support a shared love of reading. This also promotes a community event for families to be involved in their child’s school.

Huegel Elementary School, $385.66

Funds will be used to enable third grade students to use acrylic paints to paint ceiling tiles in the hall outside the art room. The cost of acrylic paint often prevents projects that require a large quantity from being done. This project is based on Peter H. Reynold’s “Creatrilogy” which focuses on creativity, innovation and problem solving in a visual format. It also serves as a wonderful visual representation for the students to take pride in and have present in the school community.

Innovative and Alternative Education, $1,172

Funds will be used in support of the Alternative Education Resource Options (AERO) Student Engagement Project that consists of camping, caving, cooking, and gardening experiences that not only supplement science, health and gym curriculum, but expose students to life-long skills.

Jefferson Middle School, $350

Funds will be used toward the purchase of new digital technology, enabling the science team of teachers to be able to live stream images/videos from one microscope and project to the entire class. The digital technology will assist students and better engage them in their analysis of micro-organisms. All 6th graders and teachers will benefit from the technology.

Jefferson Middle School, $600

Funds will be used in support of a school-based learning opportunity for 8th graders in the Family and Consumer Science class. Students will build, work, and operate a restaurant for parents and staff during parent/teacher conferences. They will attain life skills, build self-esteem and learn self-reliance.

Jefferson Middle School, $283

Funds will be used to hire a guest artist to work with 8th grade students to create a metal art piece that will be part of a school-wide fine arts night. Students will have an opportunity to learn about metal arts and to see how artists use skills and creativity to make a living.

Kennedy Elementary School, $456

Funds will be used to purchase specialized educational apps and 2 iPads to target instruction with English Language Learners. 14% of Kennedy students are ELL, and this technology will allow the bilingual resource teachers to work with individual students and small groups for targeted instruction. Apps will target both oral language and literacy development. The use of the iPads to supplement ongoing curriculum instruction will provide increased opportunities for student-centered, interactive and project-based learning across grade levels.

Kennedy Elementary School, $456

Funds will be used for the purchase of books for students to establish home libraries. The focus will be on economically disadvantaged students, starting in the primary grades. Books will be given to the student at their residence over the summer. This proposal meets Kennedy’s SIP goals to improve student and family engagement in learning as well as the goal to lessen the achievement gap by making materials accessible to students during the summer months, when they may otherwise become disengaged in learning.

La Follette High School, $1,504

Funds will be used toward the purchase of four Vernier Labquests and probe. Questions and data are two of the core elements of quality science instruction at the high school level. High school classes are frequently limited to using data from hypothetical examples because accurate real data is often difficult to acquire by high school students. Probeware that connects to computers or handheld devices can help science classrooms collect more authentic data from experiments performed in classrooms. The money provided by this grant will allow students access to experiments that are currently only carried out in universities. It will also allow classes to explore student driven experiments based on their own questions.

Lake View Elementary School, $983

Funds will be used to bring in an author (or authors) from the surrounding area in order to build a bridge between our student authors and a professional author. We want our students to feel inspired and know that we are all writers! Bringing in authors in person or via skype, connects kids to books in a personal and powerful way and builds an appreciation of the process a book goes through to be published.

Lapham Elementary School, $1,202

The funds will be used for the purchase of materials for each classroom teacher to use to teach mindfulness and sensory based activities as a way to calm and refocus students. This will help engage all students in learning so that high levels of academic achievement can be gained. Using gradual release of responsibility, teachers will
first instruct and model for students how to do Yoga moves, use sensory objects or music to calm and refocus their thinking so they are ready to learn. Then students will be able to model and lead their peers in daily calming activities and eventually students will be able to engage in those activities independently when individually they need to calm and refocus their energy.

Leopold Elementary School, $500

Funds will be used to purchase materials for Tier II and III behavior interventions, including physical equipment to encourage body regulation. The funds will also be used to purchase incentives for students who reach their positive behavior goals. This is supporting the SIP goal of School Culture and Climate, supporting the Behavior Education Plan and Positive Behavior Systems.

Leopold Elementary School, $250

Funds will be used to purchase literature to support students through grief/loss, family change and other stressful events. This is supporting the SIP goal of School Culture and Climate, under social emotional curriculum.

Leopold Elementary School, $150

Funds will be used to purchase an iPad cover and social emotional learning tools. The iPad cover will allow our special education teacher to use an iPad Leopold already has with her students to support their social emotional learning goals. The learning tools are books and games that will be used with special education students to reach their social emotion learning goals. This is supporting the SIP goal of School Culture and Climate, under social emotional curriculum.

Leopold Elementary School, $348

Funds will be used to purchase supplies to make fleece blankets to be donated to the American Family Children’s Hospital, as a service learning project for all of 2nd grade.

Leopold Elementary School, $90

Funds will be used for a subscription of Time for Kids to supplement nonfiction material. This subscription has writing opportunities for nonfiction literature and supports the SIP literacy goals.

Lincoln Elementary School, $1,124.50

Funds will be used to establish an African Drumming Club. Guest artist Yorel Lashley will instruct students in African Drumming once a week, culminating with a final performance in May. The drums have been purchased through a Dane Arts Grant.

Lindbergh Elementary School, $906

As a component of our universal support for the PBS program, we will be using the funds to provide items for our students to purchase at our School Store. All Lindbergh students in grades K-5 have a daily opportunity to earn “Lindbergh Bucks” for appropriate behaviors but the items that we currently have in the school store are often not
attractive. We will be able to use the grant funds to provide items that are of high interest for specific students rather than just selling whatever we can access.

Lowell Elementary School, $1,085

Funds will be used in support of efforts to increase parent involvement and improve the home to school relationship. Funds will be used to purchase food and supplies for special parent events such as Parent Empowerment Project meetings, the parent vs. staff basketball game, and Read Your Heart Out.

Marquette Elementary School, $1,202

Funds will be used toward the goal of having one iPad per classroom. To date, we have been able to add an iPad to 6 classrooms, in two of our three grade levels. This year’s funds will be used to purchase an additional three iPads for the three classrooms in the remaining grade level. iPads are used with existing presentation stations equipped with
document cameras and projectors. Pairing the iPad with this equipment enables class members to interact with the iPad app both as a whole group and in turn. The classrooms that already have iPads have found and shared apps that support math fact practice, vocabulary building, geography, and science.

Memorial High School, $843.87

Funds will be used toward the expansion of a recognition program for students who have struggled with behavior, attendance or academics.

Memorial High School, $377.40

Funds will be used to purchase a class set of “The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation” for use in AP U.S. Government course.

Memorial High School, $440

Funds will be used for English II students to take a field trip to the Madison Public Library – Central branch to obtain library cards and become familiar with all the resources available.

Memorial High School, $256.73

Funds will be used to purchase voice-recognition software to enable efficient essay feedback on documents submitted on Chromebooks.

Memorial High School, $1,000

Funds will be used to help provide a substance-free, safe and fun post-prom.

Memorial High School, $480

Funds will be used in support of the Prostart Culinary Competition team.

Mendota Elementary School, $750

Wisconsin history is a teaching and learning standard in fourth grade social studies The intent of this proposal is to integrate acquisition of knowledge about the history of our state with real-life connections to our students’ ancestral pasts. This grant will enable students to participate in experiences designed to make that history come alive. Students will explore and examine Wisconsin history with a focus on their own family histories. Grant funds will support field trips to Wisconsin historical sites. In addition, the grant will support the publication of student texts based upon their own family stories.

Mendota Elementary School, $1,441

This grant will focus on providing culturally and linguistically responsive literacy materials for the Mendota book room. The book room provides a collection of texts intended to supplement literacy instruction and independent reading. All of the students at Mendota
access the materials in the book room. Many of the existing books are worn, outdated or insufficient in number. The grant will be used to replenish and update book room texts and, in particular, increase the number, variety and quality of texts that are culturally responsive selections. Access to a wider range of current and culturally responsive fiction and nonfiction will enhance the appeal, rigor and relevance of the literacy materials. Additional titles will provide an increase in the quality and quantity of books available for guided reading groups, research and independent reading for years to come.

Midvale Elementary School, $1,124.50

Funds will be used in support of providing a continuum of self-regulation services for students. Funds will specifically be used to purchase student resources for the sensory/regulation room as well as additional items for the classroom toolkits. The sensory regulation curriculum outlines tools that students can use to learn and practice
their regulation skills based on varying sensory needs.

Muir Elementary School, $250

Funds will be used toward the second grade Neighborhood Project. Who lives here, what are our assets, what would we like to see? Students will publish their findings in a bound book. Each child will receive their own book and the books will be used in classrooms and our LMC.

Muir Elementary School, $260

Funds will be used to bring in an outside artist to teach concepts of literacy and math to 3 & 4 year olds through music. The music instructor follows along with the theme units in each classroom and emphasizes any areas of need expressed by the classroom teacher (i.e.extra work on color recognition, more social opportunities,movement, etc.) The musician in residence can target objectives of the GOLD assessment, or supplement instruction in any way the teacher feels would benefit students.
Upon completion, we keep the instruments and materials to use throughout the year. This program is used for federal data/programming for VSA (Very Special Arts) potential nationwide model.

Muir Elementary School, $280

Funds will be used to help students combine social studies, math, community building and creativity by creating recipes, shopping at the Farmer’s Market for ingredients, cooking and preparing the food and coming together to share their creations.

Muir Elementary School, $150

Funds will be used to purchase pencil grips to help children learn a new motor pattern and efficient pencil grip. Children who do not receive special education sometimes hold pencils, crayons, etc. in insufficient ways. As educational expectations evolve we now adhere to principles of universally available regular education interventions for children who struggle. Research reveals that the single largest factor interfering with written language skills is automaticity of handwriting and for some children difficulty assuming and maintaining a functional pencil grasp inhibits their ability to put their ideas in written form. This grant will fund teachers with tools they need in addition to information on developmentally appropriate expectations for pencil grips.

Muir Elementary School, $169.54

Funds will be used for the Take Home Reading Program and will enable the purchase of durable take-home reading bags and the purchase of a sturdy box to store books in school, allowing students to take books home and return and store without damage to the books. Bags will also be used to take home phonics and phonemic games.

Muir Elementary School, $279

Funds will be used for a bat house project offering students the opportunity for a hands-on building experience that benefits both the school and community. The bat houses will be kept on school grounds including the Muir Garden or students can take the bat houses home, creating a link between home and school.

Muir Elementary School, $219.46

Funds will be used toward the creation of a Sensory Room that would support the needs of our students with tier 2 social-emotional learning concerns. Presently, our current system of de-regulating and processing with kids lacks consistency in practice, and response is often fragmented and reactive. To increase both effectiveness of staff response and student learning, a Sensory Room allows staff and students to create a structured, proactive way to cope with stress. The Room will utilize the “Zones of Regulation” curriculum; tangible sensory items, such as a therapy ball, stress fidgets,
mindfulness equipment/activities, will help support student self-advocacy and self-regulation. Our Sensory Room will also be a space for safe, guided conflict resolution–this aspect will incorporate and compliment the District’s social-emotional learning
curriculum, Second Step.

Nuestro Mundo Community School, $833

Funds will be used in support of the Family to Family Project which consists of monthly meetings with parents of kindergarten and first grade students. The purpose is to promote families helping other families and to learn new things together. We want culturally responsive strategies and want to connect all families together in smaller groups at the primary grade levels to begin developing those connections.

O’Keeffe Middle School, $1,840

Funds will be used to partner with Youth Frontiers to build a positive community of learners in our 7th grade. Our vision is to support the students and empower them to act with the moral courage to treat each other with respect in the hallway, on the bus and i every classroom. This program offers students a safe and supportive opportunity to identify the social fears and peer pressure that gets in the way of making responsible choices. Students learn to take positive risks that build a sense of belonging, while developing a common language about what we want from our school community. This project builds on the MMSD Behavior Education Plan while helping students construct support for positive school interactions.

Olson Elementary School, $670

Funds will be used in support of our Cultural Arts event by bringing in a Hip-Hop artist. This event will support our School Improvement Plan goal of incorporating Youth Culture and Movement into daily instruction with the goal of increasing student engagement and
appreciation of the arts.

Orchard Ridge Elementary School, $927

Funds will be used to provide every classroom with a supply of sensory based learning tools that would be accessible to all students. Staff will be trained to use and maintain the sensory based learning tools and how to properly collect data.

Randall Elementary School, $1,173

Funds will be used in support of Unity Day which is designed to provide release time for our fifteen regular education teachers so that they can complete their math and reading assessments with each individual student in their respective classes.
We break our students into twenty-four groups, about 15 in a group (5 third graders, 5 fourth graders, and 5 third graders), with 2 fifth grade leaders assigned to each group. Students rotate through 30-minute mini-lessons prepared by a host of presenters. Students maintain their lunch schedules and spend a midday hour with their homeroom teachers, so we have a morning session of presentations and then another set after lunch. While the primary purpose is to provide an assessment process that does not disturb our teachers’ continuity of instruction, the arrangement also allows students to
bond with staff and peers with whom they would not normally spend their day and to participate in various new learning opportunities.

Sandburg Elementary School, $700

Funds will be used for the purchase of playground equipment to foster outdoor activity throughout the year. Outdoor recess provides the obvious opportunities for fresh air and exercise; it is also an ideal time to support the development of the character traits that Sandburg is focusing on through the work of our We Can Do It Grant.

Sandburg Elementary School, $199

Funds will be used to purchase sensory items and other materials for classrooms to support students. We often purchase sensory items with special education funds to support specific students with an identifiable need, typically through the IEP process. However classroom teachers often request similar items for use by other students who may simply need some support to help them settle and focus in the classroom.

Schenk Elementary School, $800

Funds will be used to hire a hip hop artist for an artist in residence program to work with all classes K-5 in appreciating and developing skills in hip hop music and dance. The program will include a final school-wide performance where all students and classes will perform for the other students in the building. The artist will also participate at the end of the year during our Schenk Picnic Day.

Schenk Elementary School, $623

Funds will be used to help us execute the third phase of the development of our school garden. The funds will be used to build compost structures, vegetable trellises, and portions of the tool shed and education center. Previous funds have been used to prepare the garden area, bring in soil and mulch, build raised beds, and build Aldo
Leopold benches.

Sennett Middle School, $676

The field of science is full of specialized content vocabulary as well as academic vocabulary terms such as analyze, compare, process, cycle, and pattern. The Common Core State Standards stress the need to provide direct and explicit instruction for academic vocabulary. Funds will be used to purchase a magnetic whiteboard, or even a
corkboard, that would allow words and images to be put up and taken down easily, moved around to show relationships, and used by students to solidify their understanding of terms.

Sennett Middle School, $500

Funds will be used for the establishment of an after school book club. One way to increase our students’ reading scores is to provide them with access to relevant, high-interest books and the time to read them. Students would select the books to read and funds provided through this grant would be used to purchase the books for the students to keep. Staff would donate their time to run the book club.

Sennett Middle School, $300

Funds will be used to purchase Read Design Studio Pack computer software that will allow students to create READ bookmarks and posters for display. The goal of this project will be to encourage, promote, and celebrate the reading of complex literary and
informational texts. Staff will help their students choose complex literary and informational texts to read independently. After completing the texts, the students will be asked to share and explain the content of the text. They will then pose for their READ poster with a copy of the text. The READ posters will be displayed throughout the LMC and hallways to promote and encourage the reading of complex literary and informational texts.

Shabazz City High School, $450

Finding Student Voice: Creating Zines that reflect the Truth from a student’s perspective. Students find their voice as they study the history of independent media and produce their own Zine. Grant will cover the costs for a sub, materials, and publication costs.

Shabazz City High School, $652

Building Community through Activism: Students complete a series of projects in the community and work to fund a trip to Anchorage, Alaska to work on a joint art project with a native Alaskan school.

Shabazz City High School, $600

Community Garden Field Trip: Students take a field trip to the Milwaukee Domes to explore the role of gardening in cultures across the world.

Shabazz City High School, $600

Artist in Residency Program: Students work with local artists to engage in meaningful and relevant projects tied to academic goals.

Shabazz City High School, $440

Turning Young Writers into Playwrights: Students work with the Children’s Theatre of Madison Playwright to write original scripts. One script is chosen to be staged at the Overture Center.

Shabazz City High School, $700

From Students to Community Members: Using Food to Build Community. New Shabazz students learn experience service learning by working together to prepare weekly Community Lunches for the Shabazz Community.

Sherman Middle School, $1,761

Funds will be used to support the “Assemble the Ensemble” project that is a joint effort with Heid Music and Food Fight Restaurant Group. The project consists of a used instrument drive with drop off sights at select Food Fight restaurants. Heid Music will then evaluate the donated instruments and make necessary repairs with their labor free of cost. Students will have the opportunity to work with Heid staff to learn the skills necessary to repair instruments.

Shorewood Elementary School, $1,825

Funds will be used to purchase school-wide signage that is culturally and linguistically responsive and aligned with our PBS work. During a School Improvement Plan feedback session and informal discussion opportunities, families asked for signs in multiple languages, particularly in Chinese, Korean and Arabic. These signs will welcome families in different languages ensuring that all students, families and staff feel welcome in our building.

Spring Harbor Middle School School, $2,100

Funds will be used to purchase five iPad minis with cases, a projector, and the purchase of apps for use with Special Education students. The apps purchased will include academic, behavioral and self-regulation to meet the individual needs of students.

Spring Harbor Middle School, $500

Funds will be used toward the creation of a Japanese Zen Garden, creating another outdoor classroom space.

Stephens Elementary School, $1,480

Funds will be used to create a support group for African American Boys in 3rd to 5th grades with an African American Male Mentor/Group Leader. The primary goal of the of the project is to help African American boys in grades 3-5 at Stephens develop mutual support, positive school identities, and improved engagement with school. We also hope to help support the relationships between the school and the boys’ natural support systems at home and school. Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) is focused on overall
achievement gains but also specifically African American and Hispanic student growth. This project would target the African American Students.

Thoreau Elementary School, $2,800

Funds will be used to support the “Gotta Be Jazz” program that provides individualized instruction for some students. Students will learn and perform a musical called “Gotta Be Jazz” as well as discovering the process behind performing arts creation.

Thoreau Elementary School, $600

Funds will be used to implement the “Wall of Fame” project to recognize students for academic excellence and celebrate academic prowess in all students.

Toki Middle School, $908

Funds will be used to purchase an animation station in support of the Toki Library Media Center’s dream of creating a Makerspace, a space for students to collaborate with each other and staff. A place for them to explore, discover, invent, create and play while developing skills for the 21st century. This space will align with the common core standards and enable students to communicate and express themselves through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Additionally, this space will align with the School Improvement Plan and the MMSD Technology Plan.

Toki Middle School, $230

Funds will be used to enable the band program to purchase and implement the SmartMusic program with the overall objective to use technology in an engaging, creative and meaningful way to ensure high quality, data-based music learning. The goal is for students to learn to be competent, independent musicians and to aid the teacher in teaching music in a creative, innovative and effective way.

Van Hise Elementary School, $600

Funds will be used in support of The Little Prince Project: all 5th grade students will have a copy of the Little Prince to use during literacy and music class to explore essential questions and to integrate literacy/music. The 5th grade team and Van Hise music teacher are collaborating on this project/unit.

Van Hise Elementary School, $1,351

Funds will be used to purchase Chinese reading materials for native Chinese speakers in 1st grade in support of the large number of Chinese students in K/1 this year.

West High School*, $500

Funds will be used to enable members of West High School’s Native American Student Association to present their documentary, “Sacred Ones Revolution: Water is Life,” that they produced last summer in partnership with the Title VII Indian Education Program and UWMadison Earth Partnerships program regarding the Bad River Sloughs, the Ojibwa traditions of wild ricing, the biodiversity of the area, and the ethics around the proposed mine in the Lake Superior area. Students will discuss their documentary, how they researched and conducted their filming to demonstrate all aspects of the issue. An evening event will enable the West High community to celebrate with a Native American Dance troupe that will highlight the rich cultural traditions of song and dance and educate the audience through the art of indigenous storytelling on the origins, meanings and purpose of those song and dance styles.

West High School*, $500

Funds will be used to enable several staff to attend a training on Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT is a treatment well suited to address many of the common concerns of adolescents. Specifically, it is a promising approach to helping adolescents struggling with attachment disorders, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Support Service staff will attend the training and conduct a book study to apply these techniques within small group interventions.

West High School*, $500

Funds will be used in support of the “Freshmen Forward” program through which 9th grade students with at least one B and at least one F will be invited to a dinner with their family at West High School after 1st quarter. Dinner and celebration of student’s achievement paired with discussion of the child and family’s needs and concerns will follow. Purpose is to build a positive working relationship with the family and make personal connections to student, staff and parents.

West High School*, $500

Funds will be used to sponsor a guest speaker for Sexual Assault Awareness Day.Students across the school will have the chance to be impacted by guest speaker Jeff Bucholz. Presentation focuses on specific ways to navigate conversations with peers and create personal safety plans. He is a powerful presenter that impacted our students last year.

West High School*, $500

Funds will be used to purchase graphing calculators for students in need. While most students’ families are able to procure a calculator for them. Some families are not able to provide the $100 plus needed for these calculators. Alg 2 Trig teachers would like to systematically purchase and create a supply of calculators to rent out, free of charge, to qualifying low income students and families in Alg 2 Trig classes. Currently 44% of the students enrolled in these classes, approx. 90 students, meet these criteria.

West High School*, $438

Funds will be used in support of efforts to increase attendance. The project focuses on addressing factors contributing to unexcused absences and tardiness for Latino-Hispanic students in an opportune, appropriate and motivational intervention approach. They would focus on 1st and second quarter to 1) identify ELL students with attendance issues; 2) make contact to students/families through BRS staff; 3) monitor for 3 weeks; 4) make home visits as needed resulting in attendance improvement plans. The goal is to prevent habitual truancy and promote school engagement.

Whitehorse Middle School, $594

Funds will be used to purchase ActivExpression interactive devices that will provide students with the opportunity to engage in lessons and increase student participation. These are hand held devices that allow each student to interact with the Promethean Board. Total cost of the project is $1200.00 for 24 devices. Whitehorse will match Foundation money to get a complete set.

Whitehorse Middle School, $475

Funds will be used to purchase educational Lego kits and Greenscreen Kits to transform the Whitehorse LMC into 21st Century Library/Maker Space. The focus will be on science, technology, engineering, math and the arts.

Wright Middle School, $1,011

Funds will be used to partner with the YWCA to create and present a 4 hour workshop to staff to increase their capacity to understand the historical impact of racism, how racism still exists today, and how implicit racism can have an impact on the interactions between staff and students. Through this workshop we want to empower our staff to also recognize and fight institutional racism, especially that which can be found in schools.

*West High School PTSO is contributing $970 to enable the funding of all grants submitted.