Spring Harbor Middle School Students Attend Youth Frontiers Retreat


This year, FMPS funded a grant to send seventh and eighth grade students from Spring Harbor Middle School to Courage Retreats by Youth Frontiers. The Youth Frontiers organization addresses the need to foster mutual respect while building a positive school climate. This program features loud music, team-building activities, small-group dialogues, powerful presentations, and large-group sharing times to challenge students to think deeply about their character and behavior. The YF retreat serves as an important ‘common experience’ for secondary students in the Madison Memorial attendance area allowing schools to have the opportunity to enhance their relationships. The students were able to develop specific skills to create and actively participate in safe and supportive learning environment. To see the impact of this retreat on students, watch the student testimonials in the following video.

FMPS and the Spring Harbor Middle School staff believe that this project will help students and teachers to create a successful learning community, allowing all students to thrive in their education.